A/W 2018 Fashion Week Nail Trends

A/W 2018 Fashion Week Nail Trends

Feb 8 – Feb 16 – NEW YORK

Feb 16 – Feb 20 – LONDON

A/W 2018 fashion and beauty trends have just been revealed in New York and London Fashion Week in February. For the last few years there has been a rise in nail art trends at all fashion weeks. We want to show you our favorite nails from this years A/W shows.

New York

Libertine – Wow what a look! Inspired by what we can only say looks like tassels and fringes from pillow cases or lampshades, we love this! Highly impractical, but still a great look.

melodysusie new york fashion week nail trend

Chromat – We adore this trend, nails painted to look like an accessory or fabric you’re wearing is just amazing.

Bibhu Mohapatra – Maybe this is classed more as body art because it isn’t technically on the nail? Can we call it ‘Off Nail Nail Art’? We love it either way!

melodysusie new york fashion week nail trend

Gypsy Sport – Monochrome heaven! Timeless, classy and perfect to match any color you’re wearing too. How cool is the hounds tooth nail art!

melodysusie new york fashion week nail trend

Adam Selman – Longer and almond shaped, this is your evening wear kind of nail, contrasted with a day time look. Definitely in our top 5.

melodysusie new york fashion week nail trend



Gareth Pugh – Holy moly, we saw this and just fell in love. We all remember that weird pierced nail trend, but this is just awesome.

melodysusie london fashion week nail trend

Sophie Webster – This is nail art at its finest, focusing on textures, layers and gorgeous jewel embellishment.

melodysusie london fashion week nail trend

Roberta Einer – This is something that’s been done before but it only looks good when the color is right! Perfect pink and shape, we adore it.

melodysusie london fashion week nail trend

Jeremy Scott – The extravagant designer couldn’t be missed out. Neon pink leopard print painted on clear almond shaped nails, what else would you expect from Mr Scott?

melodysusie london fashion week nail trend

Tom Ford – Subtle but sweet, this glossy reverse French manicure was hard to notice on first glance, maybe that’s why it really is so cool.

melodysusie london fashion week nail trend

Image sources are kindly provided from: Refinery 29 – Nail Art Fashion Week 2018,  Harpersbazaar – AW 2018 Nail Trends

You can try and recreate these trends on your own nails at home, using MelodySusie products.

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melodysusie gel nail polish home manicure

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melodysusie nail drill portable high rpm

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