The Essential Saving Tips for Black Friday Event 2022

The Essential Saving Tips for Black Friday Event 2022

Black Friday 2022 is all around the corner, and so is the HUGE discount season. We all definitely have a shopping list that we can't wait to buy during the biggest shopping event. 

As an innovative brand, MelodySusie has launched a series of manicure tools and accessories this year, including nail drills, gel polish kits, nail lamps, press-on nails, and hand creams. So, how do you choose your favorite but money-saving items among so many products?

This article will provide you with some Essential Saving Tips, to help you shop for the most suitable items in a quick but more cost-effective way in the upcoming Black Friday event.

Here we go!

For Beginners:

SR3-Jade Rechargeable Nail Drill


1. 30,000RPM. Use it effectively at a safer speed. The speed is enough for your almost daily needs.

2. Small & Light. The overall weight is only 0.75lb, you can easily take it anywhere. It will minimize your fatigue especially when you are in the practicing process.

3. Elegant Appearance. Inspired by early 18th-century architecture, the designer adopted a gold and white exterior with palatial vintage elegance.

For Pro Manicurist/Nail Technicians:

MR4-Jade Plus Rechargeable Nail Drill


1. 35,000RPM. Upgraded superior brushless motor, which has less vibration, less heat, and longer service life.

2. Vintage Style. The appearance of an emerald is as precious and silky as jade. Let you enjoy the using process while operating.

3. Light & Handy. One of the smallest rechargeable nail drills on the market is even smaller than an iPhone. A belt clip will be sent within the package, which makes it easier for the manicurist to handle.

MR5-Rechargeable Nail Drill


1. 35,000 RPM. A mental brush hollow cup motor with a high-speed bearing, providing more than 400g.cm torque and a high rotation speed.

2. Long Battery Lasts. The average battery lasts of nail drills is around 5 hours, HOWEVER, MR5 could last up to 15 hours, which means a manicurist can work on your clients' nails all day without recharging.

3. Diamond-Cut Design. As the 35,000 RPM nail drill, the style of Jade Plus is retro, and the style of MR5 is more delicate and lovely. The diamond-cut design is paired with pink, and many customers call it a jewel-like machine.

For Pursuing more Creative Nail Arts:

2 in 1 UV LED Nail Art Lamp


1. Rechargeable. Traditional nail lamps are generally not rechargeable. I believe you or your customers must have complained about a bunch of wire problems, why don’t you try this one?

2. Touch Switch & 60s Auto Switch. When you are doing one-finger art manicures or gluing the tips for clients or yourself, pressing the switch of the lamp often becomes a problem. After nearly thousands of tests, a touch switch has been achieved. And it's on the top of the light, you can easily press it.

3. 360 Adjustable Angle. One of the biggest problems with traditional mani lamps is that when you stick a big diamond on the nail, the diamond always has slipped after curing. But you can hold the diamond with tweezers and cure it directly under the lamp now.

Don't rush to place an order, as we also have the following money-saving tips you can’t miss.

What Promotions Can You Expect from This Black Friday?


A gift card will be sent to every order that is over $100. There are three levels, which means the more you buy, the more you will save.





The Black Friday gift boxes are only available in limited quantities and are recommended by many well-known IG/YouTube/TikTok influencers. Maybe there is someone you really like.


Almost all MelodySusie best-selling products will be on sale in this flash sale event , which replaces every two days. You can daily check to see if any product you've been waiting for is on Flash Sale.

ATTENTION! You don’t need to wait until 25th Nov, as our Black Friday Early Bird event starts on next Tuesday,15th Nov, and we guarantee the deal price will be the same as the lowest on Black Friday day.

Let's get the shopping list prepared and stay tuned with us!


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I wish I had known about this event last year. I could have saved a lot of money on nail drill products and lamps. Hoping to see more such events in the future!



I love how this blog has broken down the features and advantages of each product. It makes it easier for me to decide which nail drill or lamp to purchase.



I love the variety of nail drill products and lamps featured in this blog. It’s great to have so many options to choose from. I hope to see more discounts and sales on these products in the future.



I love how this blog describes the features of the products in detail. It helps me make informed decisions while buying.



Even though the event has expired, the information in this blog is still useful. It’s great to know about the advantages of nail drills and lamps.

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