A New Chapter from Nails to Hair Care — MelodySusie Fast Drying Hair Dryer Launched

MelodySusie Stepless Hair Dryer

Like coffee brands venturing into frozen foods and healthy beverages, MelodySusie believes in the power of technology to create superior products. Over the years, we have made a name for ourselves in the nail care industry, providing satisfaction to millions of users.

By listening to user feedback and staying innovative, we decided to expand our product range to offer a wider range of beauty solutions.

Today, with the grand launch of the H-S160E Fast Drying Hair Dryer, we are taking a giant leap into a whole new realm - the world of hair care! We are excited to offer you more choices in the beauty and fashion world while providing you a cost-effective solution for a salon-quality blow drying experience.

Driving Innovation – A New Beginning, A New VisionMelodySusie H-S160E new hair dryer

“Bring Your Nail Salon Home” has always been the motto of MelodySusie. We've built trust through continuous self-improvement and innovative product development. This year, we launched some awesome new nail care products - the SP1 Stepless Speed Nail Drill, Mini Nail Art Lamp, PC1 for Nail Care, and the outstanding M-B450E brushless nail drill, taking our commitment to excellence even further. Now, after months of hard work, we're thrilled to announce our entry into the hair care industry with the H-S160E fast-drying hair dryer. This marks a significant milestone in our transition from nail tools to broader beauty solutions.

Lets' see the unique features and the exceptional experience this magic hair dryer will bring to your beauty routine.

The Unique Features of the H-S160E Fast Drying Hair Dryer

1. Stepless Speed Control - Adjust High & Low Speeds Freely

Adjust High & Low Speeds Freely

Boasting a powerful brushless motor with an astonishing speed of 120,000 RPM, the H-S160E Hair Dryer puts you in control with just a slide of your finger. Whether you want to achieve sleek and smooth straight hair for a quick morning transformation or create bouncy curls for a party, simply adjust to high-speed, allowing you to unlock your desired hairstyle quickly. Pair it with the diffuser nozzle for voluminous hair that's both gentle and efficient. And for your furry friends caught in the rain, a simple fingertip adjustment of the airflow provides gentle yet efficient drying.

2. Constant Temperature -Ionic Technology & NTC Intelligent Temperature ControlIonic Technology & NTC Intelligent Temperature Control

Protect your every strand with intelligent temperature control. Traditional hair dryers often expose your hair to prolonged high temperatures, causing damage. With the intelligent chip controlling the temperature, you no longer have to worry about overheating in one spot. 64 million high-density negative ion care technology, protecting each of your hair strands, achieving hair care right from the moment you start drying.

3. 1-8 Mins Fast Drying - 120,000 RPM High Speed Brushless Motor1-8 minutes fast drying

Unlike using high temperatures to dry your hair, a fast-drying hair dryer relies on a powerful motor to swiftly dry your hair. The faster motor speed results in increased airflow and greater drying efficiency within the same timeframe. Our brushless motor operates at an impressive 120,000 RPM, which means short hair dries in under 3 minutes, medium-length hair in 5 minutes, and even long hair takes only about 8 minutes. Experience the difference – it's a hair-drying experience that sets you apart from traditional dryers!

4. Display Screen - 3 Heat Settings& Speed IndicatorDisplay Screen - 3 Heat Settings & Speed Indicator

Combining Style and Technology, with three color temperature displays. Simply press the temperature adjustment button to quickly switch to your desired temperature with 3 heat settings. Blue indicates normal temperature, orange for medium heat, and red for high heat. Additionally, you can monitor the current airflow rate by observing the progress displayed by the halo surrounding the screen.

5. Cost-Effective- Style Your Hair at Home

smoothing nozzle and diffuser nozzle

Meeting the demands of both voluminous curls and sleek straight hair without the hassle of additional nozzles. For many users of fast drying hair dryers, the disappointment of discovering the absence of a nozzle attachment upon bringing the product home is nothing short of shocking. We provide both a smoothing nozzle and a diffuser nozzle(coming in late November), offering multifunctional usage and the best cost-performance ratio. Additionally, there's a detachable filter at the end of the handle, ensuring hair won't clog the hair dryer, significantly extending its lifespan.

6. Wonderful User Experience - Low Noise, Lightweightultra quiet light weight

Traditional hair dryers drown out all the surrounding sounds the moment you turn them on. Moreover, the constant buzzing in your head even after use. The H-S160E has undergone numerous noise comparison tests and maintains a comfortably low noise level even at maximum speed. It's gentle on both children and pets. The lightweight handle won't cause wrist pain from holding it for extended periods, ensuring a well-rounded user experience.

The journey of MelodySusie from nail tools to new beauty demonstrates our unwavering dedication to excellence and technology. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure as we explore new horizons in the world of beauty. Stay tuned for more innovative products that redefine beauty and self-care.

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