Discover A New Form of Nail Art: Introducing Semi Cured Gel Nails

MelodySusie Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips

In the fast-paced world we live in, making time to go to the salon for a manicure can be a challenge. But what if there was a way to get a near-salon quality manicure at home or on the go without having to go through the complicated process of a gel manicure?

Recently, discussions about semi cured gel nails have begun to spring up in the nail art world. Labels such as a new form of nail art, a quick manicure helper for newbies, and a nail industry changer are constantly being mentioned in the talk about semi cured gel nails. However, what exactly is semi cured gel nails? How is this new form of manicure different from others? How to apply it properly? With these questions in mind, MelodySusie will take you on a journey to explore the latest topic in nail art.

What Is Semi Cured Gel Nails

Hopefully, the video has given you a more intuitive understanding of semi cured gel nails, which are formed by applying semi cured gel nail strips to the nails and curing them. In fact, semi cured gel nail strips can be understood as a semi-finished product of gel nail polish, made from real gel nail polish. It consists of gel nail polish that has been pre-cured to 60% on a flexible adhesive backing. Not only does it have the convenience of a nail sticker and the shine of gel nail polish, but it is also easy to apply anytime, anywhere without any nail art skills. Therefore, semi cured gel nails are perfect for nail newbies or those who want to keep their gel nails fresh but don't have the time to make frequent trips to the nail salon.

Semi Cured Gel Nails Set

The application process of semi cured gel nail strips is very simple. All you need is a nail file and a UV/LED lamp to complete a stunning set of semi cured gel nails with ease.

● Step 1: Use a nail file to gently polish the surface of your nails and remove any grease or dirt that may be present.

● Step 2: Choose the right size of semi cured gel nail strip for each finger, then peel off and stick it on the nail surface.

● Step 3: remove the excess strip with a nail file and cure it with a UV/LED lamp.

● Step 4: Use the nail file to gently file your nail tips, making them sleek.

Now, your semi cured gel nails are done. You can also move on to your nail art with stickers. Simply apply the top coat after applying the stickers and cure again, and your one-of-a-kind semi cured gel nails are born!

What Is the Difference Between Semi Cured Gel Nails, Gel Nails and Press-On Nails?

1. Semi Cured Gel Nails VS Gel Nails

Gel nails and semi cured gel nails share features like a glossy finish, durability, and comfort. Gel nails offer a wide range of customization possibilities, with the ability to choose multiple colors, intricate nail art designs, and a variety of decorations, which also means that it requires a more complex production process and repeated curing under UV/LED lights. Semi cured gel nails, while not always as flawless as gel nails, offer a convenient and hassle-free application experience. Not only do they come in different pre-designed patterns and styles, but they can also be paired with 3D stickers for an easy DIY that is both convenient and versatile.

Like gel nail polish, semi cured gel nail strips must be cured under UV and LED lights to harden. The difference is that semi cured gel nail strips can be easily attached to natural nails by simply peeling off the backing, and can be cured up to two times to complete the semi cured gel nails. For removal, semi cured gel nails are quick and gentle as they do not require the use of harsh acetone compared to gel nails, and the strips can be easily removed by soaking the nails in warm water for a few minutes.

Cured with MelodySusie Nail Lamp

2. Semi Cured Gel Nails VS Press-On Nails

Semi cured gel nails and press-on nails both provide a quick manicure solution for different occasions. While press-on nails offer more flexibility in customization, their durability is limited by the method of adhesion. When bonding with a glue that doesn't require curing, it saves the time of curing with a UV/LED light but is often prone to peeling or lack of comfort. Semi cured gel nails come with an adhesive that allows them to adhere more securely to the nail and more closely resemble the fit of gel nails, which is more comfortable than press-on nails.

Using MelodySusie Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips

Advantages of Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips

Convenient - Not only are semi cured gel nail strips quick and easy to apply, but for nail beginners, using semi cured gel nail strips looks more flawless than applying gel nail polish by themselves.

Long-lasting - The semi cured gel nail strips with moderate hardness are easy to apply and resistant to chipping. With proper care, it can also last up to three weeks.

Cost-effective - Semi cured gel nails cost about a third of what a salon manicure costs and give similar results. This is especially beneficial for people on a budget or those who like to change their nail designs frequently.

Safe - Unlike other manicure types, good quality semi cured gel nail strips have virtually no odor and no chemicals that touch the skin. In addition, the removal process of semi cured gel nail strips is very gentle and will not damage your natural nails.

Versatile designs - Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a bold statement, semi cured gel nail strips will suit your needs. You can even mix and match different nail stickers or accessories to quickly create a unique and personalized manicure, even for nail art beginners.

Notably, MelodySusie has also recently launched a collection of semi cured gel nail strips, which not only fulfill the above benefits but also offer 3D/5D stickers for any occasion and your self-design needs.

MelodySusie Semi Cured Gel Nails

Using Tips of Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips 

● Semi cured gel nail strips usually come in different sizes. To achieve a perfect fit, you can compare the strips one by one by placing them on your nails to find a size match.

MelodySusie Semi Cured Gel Nails - Choose Size

● If you don't find a strip that fits your nail size perfectly, choose a smaller rather than a larger size, and then gently stretch each nail strip so that it fits the shape of your nail.

MelodySusie Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips - Stretch

● Align the back edge of your nail and smooth the strip over your nail and compact the edges. However, avoid using your fingernail or a sharp object to press on the strip before curing to avoid creating indentations on the soft gel.

Using Tips of MelodySusie Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips

● When removing, you don't need to use a special removal tool. All you need to do is soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes and then use the included wooden stick to gently remove the strip from your nail along the edge. This removal method hardly causes any damage to your nails.

Using Tips of MelodySusie Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips

The technology of semi cured gel nail strips is still evolving and the rules of the game in the nail industry are being changed. Semi cured gel nail strips add new possibilities to people's nail art choices, offering a quick, convenient, and long-lasting alternative to traditional gel nails. More importantly, they meet the expectations of nail beginners in the world of nail art.

MelodySusie has always encouraged users to be self-created and self-appreciated. We hope you can enjoy your nail art anytime, anywhere, and without any worries. If you're a beginner who wants to create unique nail designs on your own, or if you want to save more time on your nail routine, why not give MelodySusie's semi cured gel nail strips a try? Maybe you'll get a different experience!


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