2023 Autumn Nail Trends and 5 Steps to Do a Fall Vibe French Manicure

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Fall is already in the air, bringing to mind hot caramel lattes, falling golden leaves, and pumpkin pie ......... As the season changes, now it's the perfect time to refresh your nail style and give yourself a warm, cozy fall vibe.

However, we're often indecisive about our next nail appointment, scrolling through social media countless times to see what the new trends are, but ultimately remaining clueless.

As always, MelodySusie has you covered with five classic Autumn nail trends you must try this fall!

1. Tortoiseshell Nails

@ radiantnailart

In recent years, tortoiseshell nails this unique caramel-speckled design have become increasingly popular and everyone wants to wear them. The amber print is perfect for fall, it creates a neutral vibe that can be worn with chunky knits and warm closet tones. 

2. Rhinestones & Crystal

More and more people are expressing their personal preferences, emotions, thoughts, and opinions through nail art and combining it with rich rhinestones and crystal patterns to make nails mean more than decoration.

3. Brown Nails

brown nails@  lillypalm__

As a representative of the season, the classic choice of brown tones is back in public. It creates a neutral and aesthetic vibe that suits most skin tones and nail shapes. Brown can easily be combined with many colors to bring you both fall vibes and freshness.

4. Nude Nails

nude nails@charlotteemilybeauty_

One of the big nail trends for fall 2023 is surprisingly nude toned nails, with people going for a natural, relaxed vibe that conveys an effortless delicacy and elegance.

5. French Nails

@ heygreatnails
Another classic and iconic nail style is the French manicure. If you are tired of the increasingly similar French manicure, you can try a creative French manicure. Incorporate the fall vibe by matching the color scheme of your French manicure to make them look different!

Next, MelodySusie shows you how to make a French manicure that matches the fall vibe.

French Manicure Base Color Choices

If you want to try the understated and natural trend of nail art, the best choice for the base color is bound to be nude color that demonstrates health and clean.
nude color choices for French Manicure

You can also opt for a creamy white color with just one coat.

You can even leave your nails completely naked with just one coat of glossy nail gel polish. But this would probably be more applicable to people who want to apply the color on their own fingers and would be more demanding on the condition of the nails and their daily care.

These colors can hide imperfections on the nails while enhancing their texture, making them look clean, neat, and healthy.

5 Steps to Make a Classy and Delicate French Manicure

Step 1: Remove gel polish

remove gel polish

If you have previously used acrylic powder or poly gel to make extensions, it is easy to remove them with a nail drill.

Step 2: Prep your nails

prep your nails

Adjust the appropriate speed of the nail drill and carefully file your nails with sanding bands to smooth the surface of your nails.

Step 3:  Apply the nail tips
Choose the right size of the nail tips and apply them to your nails. Before applying the nail tips, it is important to ensure that the nail is well cleaned. This facilitates the nail tips to fit better.

Step 4: Steps for fall French nails
steps for designing French manicure

  • Apply the base coat.
  • Apply the nail gel polish. Apply nail gel polish in the color of your choice to your nails.
  • Design your own French style with nail art brushes. MelodySusie's professional nail art brushes can help you easily create an exclusive French style and drastically improve the delicacy of your manicure.
  • Apply the top coat. In order to keep the nail art for a long time, please make sure to apply top coat.

Step 5: Hand Cream and Nail Cuticle Oil

Don't forget to use hand cream after your manicure because your hands will easily become dry after using the UV lamp. Especially during the dry fall season, make sure to use hand cream.

MelodySusie Nail Cuticle Oil
The key to mastering elegant and delicate nails is maintenance, so keep your cuticles trimmed and healthy, and be diligent about applying nail cuticle oil daily.

Enjoy Your Own Fall French Manicure

fall vibe French manicure

With these steps, you'll achieve a classy and delicate Fall French Manicure that perfectly complements the cozy and elegant vibes of the fall season. French manicure is elegant and understated, like letting your natural skin shine through your makeup. The addition of warm fall elements makes this manicure like a gentle fall breeze brushing across your face, making you feel comfortable and natural. This nail trend goes with everything, effortlessly transcends occasions and ages, and never goes out of style.

Final Takeaway

MelodySusie provides a step-by-step tutorial on this fall-vibe French manicure to you. We look forward to your try!

Welcome to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

And explore the full range of nail art tools and products at MelodySusie to further enhance your nail art journey.

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