Nail Technicians Need to Know: What Customers Care About in Gel Nail Polish?

Nail Technicians Need to Know: What Customers Care About in Gel Nail Polish?

There is a growing variety of nail polish types available on the market today. In addition to gel nail polish, options like Acrylic, Polygel, Dip Powder, Semi-gel, Press-on nails, and so on have become popular. However, gel polish remains a favorite among nail enthusiasts. Yet, before choosing gel nail art, people often have questions and concerns. They worry about the durability of their manicure, the quality of gel nail polish colors used at nail salons, and whether gel nail polish poses any health risks. So, as a nail technician, it's important to fully understand your client's concerns and provide effective answers.

5 Factors Customers Care About Gel Nail Polish

In order to answer this question objectively, MelodySusie recently conducted extensive user research and extracted keywords from user reviews to form a corresponding theme. From the results of the survey, it can be seen that pigmentation, reaching 30%, is the most important concern for customers, followed closely by consistency, quality, and durability.

What Do Customers Care About Regarding gel nail polish?

1. Pigmentation

Gel nail polish with good pigmentation has low transparency and good coverage, so it is easy to get the desired color. In the survey, many users said that gel nail polish that covers the nail well with just 1 coat is preferred by them.

2. Consistency

Consistency is a factor that has a huge impact on pigmentation. A thicker consistency ensures better color development and opacity, resulting in more effective pigmentation. Also, gel nail polish with the thicker consistency is smoother and easier to control and apply evenly.

3. Formula

In addition to the color presentation, customers are also concerned about the formula of the gel nail polish, which affects its performance, odor, and human health. Therefore, gel nail polish with a toxic-free, healthy formula and no irritating odor is more attractive to customers.

4. Durability

Customers are often worried about the longevity of their manicures. Nobody wants their delicate nail art to peel or fade away after just a few days. Using gel nail polish that lasts well is definitely a time and cost saver. 

5. Other Influential Factors

In addition to the four factors mentioned above, other elements such as the color, price, reputation, brush, and capacity of gel nail polish are also influencing user's choice. In order to reach clients' needs for gel nail polish and to continuously improve the user experience, MelodySusie launched 15ml Gel Nail Polish based on these understanding, which provides the perfect pigment for nail design creation by nail artists.

MelodySusie 15ml gel nail polish

5 Reasons to Try MelodySusie's New Gel Nail Polish

1. Large Capacity

MelodySusie's gel nail polish is now in a large 15ml bottle, allowing nail technicians to complete more applications without frequent refills. Additionally, the chrome-silver diamond cut bottle has a unique and elegant design that adds to the overall fashion statement of nail salons.

MelodySusie gel polish-Large Capacity

2. Thick Consistency

It features an upgraded formula with a thicker consistency that delivers rich pigmentation. With just one coat, you'll get a highly saturated and glossy color. Additionally, the gel nail polish comes with an ergonomically designed brush that perfectly fits the curvature of the nail surface, making color application easy and controllable.

MelodySusie gel nail polish - Thick Consistency

3. Classic Colors

Classic gel nail polish colors are timeless and versatile, yet adaptable to a variety of nail art techniques and styles, bringing delicate and bright accents to any occasion. MelodySusie has identified the 20 most classic and commonly used colors in the nail art world. With the generous 15ml capacity, nail technicians can cater to their customers' preferences without worrying about running out of these classic colors.

MelodySusie gel nail polish - colors

4. Long-Lasting

When applied correctly, this new gel nail polish can last over 21 days after curing for 60-90 seconds under a UV/LED nail lamp. It is chip-resistant and maintains a high shine for a long time, ensuring your clients enjoy flawless nails longer without having to worry about frequent touch-ups.

MelodySusie gel nail polish - Long-Lasting

5. Environmental & Healthy

Made from 9 non-toxic ingredients, MelodySusie's gel nail polish is healthy, low odor, and contains no harsh ingredients or adhesives. For better protection, you can use it with MelodySusie's new base coat.

MelodySusie gel nail polish - Environmental & Healthy

From the needs of nail aficionados to the desire for a long-lasting manicure, gel nail polish has become a game-changer in the beauty industry. In the continuous exploration of gel nail polish, MelodySusie never forgets the user philosophy it upholds. Based on the constant dialog with users, our products are constantly upgraded to achieve a more professional level and ultimate user experience. Whether you are looking for a flawless, non-peelable manicure or want to demonstrate your superior nail art skills, we always have the right manicure tools for you.

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