Bring Mom an At-Home Manicure in This Mother's Day

mother's day gift home manicure

Most moms are too busy to make an extra stop at salon, even on the weekends. Besides working hard, they need to care for their kids or dinner prep. So, this Mother’s Day is a perfect time to crown mom for all she does. Follow these easy steps to ensure her get a salon-quality manicure by just sitting at home; it’s convenient, comfortable and extremely affordable. 


Step 1: Remove old nail polish.

Take nail polish remover with cotton balls or swabs to eliminate any residual nail polish if she has.

Step2: Clip, file and buff your nails.

Use nail clippers to trim her nails first. Please remember, don’t cut too short. Then file the nail and create a shape fits her well. Buff tops and sides of nails lightly with a nail buff. 

 Step 3: Soak and Scrub.

Soak her hands in warm water with a few drops of soap. Once she has soaked her hands, eliminate dead skin cells with a hand scrub. Use a nail brush to clean under nails. Wash hands afterward and pat them dry.

Source: http://7beautytips.com/beauty-diys-for-an-at-home-spa-day/ - image: yasmina


Step 4: Trim your cuticles and moisturize.

Clean up the cuticles gently with a Portable Nail Drill. Do not force them back, and never cut her cuticles. It is a fact that cuticles can protect her nails from bacteria or damage. Then take a moisturizer, or oil instead and massage.


Step 5: Apply the base coat.

Apply base coat to protect nails and help the polish stay longer.


Step 6: Polish nail.

Pick her favorite nail color and slowly paint a vertical stripe down the center of her nail, follow the same way to paint other sides until to the corner. After a few minutes, apply the second nail polish, if necessary. Check out MelodySusie New Gel Collection, Rebel Heart.


Step 7: Apply the top coat.

Highly recommend! The Top Coat not only protect her manicure from chipping, but also enhance the appearance of her nails.


Step 8: Clean up and dry your nails.

Clean up any mistakes across her nail edges by using a cotton ball or swab soaked into the polish remover. The last action, let her nails dry thoroughly by curing under LED nail lamp. Check out MelodySusie Water Printing 6W LED Portable Nail Lamps!


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Reference:  https://www.glamour.com/gallery/10-steps-to-the-perfect-at-home-manicure



Super easy, right? Treat your mom well in her special day. Surprise her with a gift of our new release Pro48W Smart Nail Lamp as well. Now available in two colors. Mom deserves the best.


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