8 Nail Art Trends Explored from Awards 2022

8 Nail Art Trends Explored from Awards 2022

It is not difficult to find that when we talk about ‘trend’ or ‘fashion’, many of us are not only talk about hairstyles and clothing. Can you imagine a fashion blogger or superstar wearing gorgeous clothes but not doing nail art on his hands? Obviously not.

The 2022 Emmy Awards and New York Fashion Week just ended, as fashion leaders, they could provide us with so many ideas and inspirations. Today, let's take a look at how we can learn from them.

1. Glazed Donut Nails

IG @nailsbyzola

If you follow the IG of nail art artist Zola Ganzorigt, then you must be familiar with this type. Even Hailey Bieber was impressed by the charm of chocolate-glazed donut nails. Simple and delicate design, multiple color creation choices, you could do it with any color you want.

MelodySusie Fall Gel Polish Kit combines different amber base colors that make it easy to create this type of manicure. In line with the autumn chocolate and coffee color selection, you even could feel warm after seeing that.

2. Baby French Manicures

IG @baraandbeauty

Manicurist Tom Bachik made this baby French manicure for Jennifer Lopez in May this year. With the release of his IG, this manicure has become popular on the Internet. Finer strokes than traditional French mani, not only do not weaken the beauty, but also increase the degree of delicacy.

Combining classic white color with this year's hottest colors, Scary Forest will be the perfect choice for baby French Mani and the upcoming Halloween.

3. 3D Bubble Nails

IG @nailpromagazine

When it comes to the most popular nail art in 2022, 3D is undoubtedly one of them. You will find that no matter which fashion nail art website you visit, flat nail art is getting less and less. In its place are 3D and stereoscopic designs.

With the Creepy Skeleton Gel Polish Kit, not only will you be able to create spring manicures, but you can also paint a variety of colorful patterns on a black background. Various uses are waiting for you to explore. 

4. V-Cut French Manicures

BLACKPINK - ‘Shut Down’ M/V

The circular arc French Mani style that we have always done was changed into the sharp V-shape. The biggest feature of this nail art is to weaken the sweetness of French nail art and add a handsome temperament. BlackPink’s Jennie also did the mani in the latest comeback!

MelodySusie has released a collection of commonly used nail brushes. Mermaid-style handle with different brushes for different purposes to meet all your painting and outlining needs.

5. Y2K Nails

IG @marijanenails

With the popularity of retro culture, more and more butterfly elements, pink colors, and bows were used in fashion items. The same goes for manicures. More and more people start to bring back the fashion of 2000.

In the spring of this year, MelodySusie launched a nail gel polish kit- Neon Abyss. Pink and blue colors take you to the forefront of the trend. I'm sure you'll love the special rose color.

6. Emerald Green Nails

IG @tombachik

Selena attracted everyone's attention with her silver dress and emerald green earrings at the 2022 Emmy Awards in September, and her manicure of that day also was the emerald green that echoed the earrings. Through the IG post of manicurist tombachik, we can see this stunning color up close. There are no patterns, but dignified and beautiful.

In fact, MelodySusie also launched a gel polish kit of green colors. The greens with different color saturations were all picked by us! Whether you prefer emerald green or grass green, you could find it in the Art Imagination gel polish kit.

7. Bloody Claws

IG @courtneycantwell_nails

The 3D fashion trend we mentioned above is also shown in the recent Halloween nail art designs, compared to the flat stickers. Many manicurists are trying to use some 3D stickers this year.

MelodySusie also took the latest fashion trends into consideration when developing our new Halloween stickers. Click here to find the latest 3D Halloween Nail Art Charms and Stickers.  

8. Diamond Manicures

IG @undn_laqr

Machine Gun Kelly's nail art at this year's Billboard Music Awards stunned everyone. A black-based color covered with sparkling diamonds. According to the People, the ten carats of diamonds are worth more than $30k.

Don't want to spend $30k? MelodySusie 6-mixed Rhinestones can also help you have sparkling nail art. We have selected 6 different hot-selling styles to make your nails more dazzling and charming.

After reading these latest trends, if you find a manicure that you love but don't know how to do, click on the article below to learn more about nail art steps. 

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I love how versatile 3D and stereoscopic designs are, they can be used for any occasion and add so much fun to the nails.



I’ve tried a few 3D and stereoscopic designs myself, and they always receive so many compliments. They’re a great way to add a touch of creativity to your nails.



I’ve always been a fan of French manicures, but this baby French version is just stunning! The increased delicacy really sets it apart.



This baby French manicure is such a breath of fresh air, I love the increased delicacy and how it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the design.



It’s no surprise that these designs have become so popular, they offer endless possibilities for creativity and individuality. I can’t wait to try more 3D and stereoscopic designs in the future.

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