The Best Winter Nail Trends 2023: Shaping from Color Palette to Artistic Designs

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When we imagine the colors of autumn in terms of objects, images of rich chestnut pumpkins or the comforting tones of maple syrup come to mind. Suddenly, the atmosphere of fall surrounds us. As for winter, it brings visions of snowy landscapes, crackling fireplaces, and the timeless red and green of Christmas. If you're someone who enjoys matching your nail art with the changing seasons and trends, you must be eager to discover the latest winter nail trends for this year.

In the realm of fashion trends, 2023 saw the rise of the Maillard Style color palette and a wide array of plaid nail designs during the autumn season. Now, with a fusion of these trends and the nine significant winter fashion trends of 2023 – such as the Black Coat, White Shirt, Business Dressing, and Winter Florals, among others – one trend that stands out is the Clutch Bags. Nail art, as a vital accessory, should not be overlooked.

Based on research conducted by leading nail gel brands and the latest color surveys from IG@MelodySusie Official, we've curated a list of the popular gel nail colors for the winter season. With these colors, you can effortlessly create the wintery nail art you've been longing for.

Melodysusie color tone surveyFind the winter nail style that resonates with you for 2023 and read on to explore these fabulous trends!

5 Winter Nail Art Trends in 2023

Combining 2023 trending colors with insights from ELLE's latest fashion trends, let's dive into five nail art trends that are destined to steal the spotlight!

Maillard Style

Maillard Style@nails_byesther

The Maillard Style trend has been sizzling hot, extending its influence from autumn right into the present. This style is all about the rich palette of browns, mochas, and mustard yellows. High-end fashion brands have showcased an abundance of these shades on the runways. Just like the Maillard reaction that enhances the surface of food with beautiful brown hues and coffee-caramel shades during heating, this trend embodies deep brown "tone-on-tone" aesthetics, creating a warm and gentle feel. Whether it's fashion or nail art, Maillard Style is your easy-to-adopt choice.

Cherry Mocha Nails

cherry mocha nails@sunbeamnails

In addition to the earthy browns, this winter's dark horse trend is the Cherry Mocha nails. If you're a fan of red, you must give this one a try. It's like a cherry in the white snow, not too flashy but still vibrant enough to make your hands stand out gracefully.

Metallics & Chrome

chrome nails@nailsbypadena

The easiest way to flaunt that metallic vibe on your fingertips is by applying Chrome powder. A dash of this all-nail mirror powder, sprinkled with a few accents, makes it a simple yet sensational choice for achieving metallic nail art. With the punk style making a major comeback this year, the metallics are leaning towards punk-inspired designs. Gold and silver remain exceptionally popular choices, but if you're looking for a subtler metallic element, consider a more translucent pink Chrome powder. For an advanced play, you can create 3D lines with gel, bake for 30 seconds, and then dust it with mirror powder for an ultra-cool effect!

Black Nails

black nails

The classic color for autumn and winter, of course, is black – it's a timeless staple. Just like everyone has a black coat hanging in their closet, choosing the right black for your nails is equally important. Black nails offer an array of style possibilities, and they were widely featured in the recent Halloween season, making their mark as both base colors and gradient shades. Simple yet delicate details are also a trendy choice in nail art for this year.

Christmas Nails

Christmas nails@bugnails

Halloween has come and gone, and it's safe to say that we're all starting to feel the strong holiday vibes of Christmas this winter. Well, your nails have been ahead of the game, already embracing the winter spirit. There's plenty of space for creative nail designs, both above and below the nail. An easy way to make your nails stand out is by adding rich colors that can be seen both on the nail surface and underneath. Alternatively, you can go for unique in-nail designs like gingerbread men, Christmas trees, cookies, or candy canes – they're absolutely adorable!

Let's Do a Chic Winter Nail Art with Glacial Blue & Deep Sapphire Blue

Experience the winter atmosphere with this year's popular glacial blue and deep sapphire blue. It's a simple yet elegantly understated design. Follow the tutorial in the video and learn how to create it!

The manicure tools you need:

So, how was this nail art designed?

snowflakes and lines designMultiple luxury fashion brands have adopted the glacial blue shade for flowing silk fabrics. This cool-toned hue is more subtle and sophisticated than simple sky blue. Sapphire blue, on the other hand, adds a touch of mystery, making winter nail art more elegant and luxurious. The combination of light and dark blue is suitable for most people and is eye-catching for daily commutes or party appearances.

sweater nailsThis nail art style simulates the texture of sweaters or scarves and requires a matte top coat and acrylic powder to achieve the desired effect.


French Tips designClassics are timeless. At first glance, this blue design might appear unusual, resembling the patterns found in blue gemstones with a hint of marble texture. Of course, it's created by blending light and dark blue shades gently. Take a close look, as even the pinky finger features this technique!

Glamorous Glitters designThe luxurious deep blue glitters add a touch of opulence to this nail art, making it even more eye-catching.

candy cane designInstead of the classic red and blue combination, doesn't blue and white make a refreshing choice for your nails?

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