Happy 10th Anniversary To MelodySusie | Giveaway!!!

Happy 10th Anniversary To MelodySusie | Giveaway!!!

Ten years. It’s been ten years since MelodySusie founded.

Ten years since the first order placed. Ten years since we shipped our first nail lamp and received a very good review. A decade of digging into beauty tools – most nail tools, some excellent wigs, a few beauty accessories. 

"Like our drills, we're never settling down. Always digging.
Like our bits, we're never being dull. Always striking.
Like our lamps, we're never frustrating. Always reassuring.
Like our gels, we're never weak. Always shining."



MelodySusie, 10 Years Of Being Part Of Every Nail Lovers Dream And Many More To Come...

Ten years and a ton of innovation later, we’re happy to say we have a lot more in store in 2019 and beyond. We’re proud of our history and evolution, and it’s important that we thank you, the Nail Lovers professional or not we have met in the last 10 years, that has given us the strength to keep going and helped us to grow over the past 10 years.

And here's the great news we want to share with you: we are celebrating our 10th anniversary with an up to 60% off big sale and weekly giveaway. This blog is about one of the giveaways. 





Anyway, we want to giveaway one "521 Weeks Mani Bundle" as a thank you gift.

Rules: ☟☟☟

  1. How to Enter: Leave a comment below: When did you do your first manicure/nail art  (You need to submit your comment with your email and name) 
  2. Application Time: Now – Aug 18, 2019
  3. Announcement: We’ll choose 1 winner through upcoming blog article of winner announcement and email you to get the shipping information.
  4. Eligibility for Application:18+, open Internationally.
  5. Review Requirements: You need to send us a link with your review within 2 weeks once you have received the product. If you haven’t sent a link after two weeks you will not be allowed to enter any future testing programs.
  6. How to Share: You can share the review on your own Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, etc.).
  7. MelodySusie reserves the right of final explanation.



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I started doing nails 14 years ago after discovering press on nails. They were so fun to put on and take off but unfortunately they don’t last for too long. It’d be great to try out one of your best selling drills and nail lamps with my gel polishes. Congrats on 10 years! Good luck to everyone 😊



I began doing manis and pedis on myself 2 years ago after a horrible salon experience. The nail tech cut through more than half of my cuticles but luckily none of them became infected. My natural nails on the other hand, no pun intended 😋, were completely ruined and almost completely filed through! It took months to fully heal and I have made the decision to never step into another salon ever again. I’m slowly learning to do my nails and it’s so therapeutic and fun! Thank you and congratulations MelodySusie 💖



I’m so excited for you guys on a decade of producing quality products! I started doing my nails at a very young age with my mums strictly forbidden nail polish. I’d always have to remove it if she found out, so eventually I resorted to using Vaseline as polish! 😂 when I discovered gel, she couldn’t make me take them off anymore! I now give her regular manicures as bonding time. I’m so grateful we bond over our love for all things nails. Thank you Melodysusie for being involved with your customers and yay on 10 years and many more!



I want to start by saying happy 10th anniversary to you and many more to come! Really love the content you guys are putting out for everybody to try out.
I started doing my nail art not too long ago. I remember being so bad at it when i tried for the first time that i almost cried 😂
Im on my road on becoming a nail technician, i would really want to have that kit to start getting better on doing nails on my self and on other people.
Lots of love and wishing the best to you all❤



I started doing nails after I finished high school because I knew University wasn’t a place I would enjoy. I’ve always felt quite out of place and manicures were the one thing that introduced me to the people who are non judgmental and love their career no matter who they work on! I’m so glad I’ve met the bunch of people that I work with. Congrats on 10 years MelodySusie ❤️

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