6 Festive Christmas & Holiday Nail Art Ideas –Time to Refresh Your Manicures

6 Festive Christmas & Holiday Nail Art Ideas –Time to Refresh Your Manicures

While the countdown of Christmas has begun, how well you are prepared to get into the holiday spirit? Have you take out your ugly sweater of Santa hat for social media posts? Or maybe finished watching Christmas movies three times already? While turning the house into yuletide atmosphere, I bet you wouldn’t let your nails down by selecting the trendiest design.

For 2020, people are obsessed with French manicures, negative space, and subtle sparkle and all these minimalist styles, now combine with Santa-inspired art factors like holly accents, snowflakes, string lights, candy canes, reindeer, whichever nail polish shades you decide to go with, we've rounded up some of our favorite nail art ideas to keep your spirits just bright.

Here are inspirations from Instagram's great nail artists, and you might find the perfect holiday mani that's right for you.
Christmas nails

Instagram @ashxmcgrath

This is from Day 1 of 25 days of @ ashxmcgrath Christmas nails, gingerbread man is the highlight while the base is quite unique in this Benimidori color, mixed up with snowflakes and candy canes, the design is commented as very adorable. Want to achieve the same effect? Morandi color is the key, try this Morandi Romance from MelodySusie and create your own special Christmas nails and don’t forget to apply the matte top coat in this set!

Christmas nails

Instagram @betina_goldstein

Authentic red is never wrong for winter time, and now with the ribbon design, it becomes classic and modern at the same time, if you are not sure what mani fits all, don’t worry, this is your choice.

Christmas nails

Instagram @vanessa.nailart

You are not limited to red and green everything when talking about Christmas nails, this PINK tone with gold glitter and twisted candy cane lines are still eye-catching and rich in holiday mood.

Christmas nails

Instagram @_mejzi

Glued-on faux diamonds on nails are the reflection of the rising joy when holiday is approaching and also did great job as accent of this manicure. The navy blue is so breath-taking and makes a perfect match with white for creating snowflake and candy cane patterns.

Christmas NAILS

Instagram @_basecoatstories

Minimalist green metallic frenchies, it is easy to DIY at home. To be beautiful doesn’t require complicated procedures. This design with shimmery green nail polish is just gorgeous and reminds you all the cute greeneries during this holiday.

Christmas nails

Instagram @nailz_by_dev

This manicure is so festive and inspiring, symmetrical design for two hands yet differentiated pattern on certain nails, you can see string lights, lollipops and reindeers, oops! It is Stitch wearing Santa hat! You can also put your favorite figures on holiday’s nails!

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