2023 Top Manicure and Pedicure Tools: Expert Picks

MelodySusie 2023 Top Nail Tools

What many people are calling this year of the manicure, nail experts, enthusiasts and content creators are discovering their inner Picasso, experimenting with unexpected colors, textures, and designs, and it's some of the best nail art we've seen in a long time. But with all these innovative manicures and pedicures comes the need for the best gel polishes, manicure tools, and kits to keep your manicure prowess going.

With that, we've put together this year's "Standout Nail Products to Buy" list for you. Scroll ahead to find your favorite nail icons.

1. Large Capacity Gel Nail Polish - 15ML


The most basic and indispensable part of nail art is gel nail polish. All styles, decorated fingertip color, are from gel nail polishes. MelodySusie 15ml gel nail polish has a large capacity, and a fashionable and unique bottle design, using upgraded formulas to make higher consistency, just one coat can get a high saturation of bright colors. It is long-lasting, not easy to chip, and can maintain high gloss for a long time. Made from nine non-toxic ingredients, it is healthy, has a low odor, and contains no harsh ingredients or adhesives. For better nail protection, you can use it with MelodySusie's new base coat.

2. Various Nail Art Brushes

MelodySusie Nail Art Brushes

Nail art brushes are absolutely indispensable tools to enhance your nail art. If you are worried about how to choose the precise nail art tools, we have prepared the Ultimate Nail Art Brush Selection Manual for you.

3. Unique & Rechargeable EOS 5 LED/UV Nail Lamp

MelodySuise EOS5 Nail Lamp

This timelessly, classic and professional EOS 5 Rechargeable LED/UV Nail Lamp is definitely a superstar product in the MelodySusie family. It has always been the first choice of professional nail artists, as a good nail lamp can greatly improve the efficiency of nail work and provide excellent support for your professional level.

4. MR5-Rechargeable Nail Drill 35,000 RPM

MelodySusie MR5 Nail Drill

The 15-hour battery, 0-35,000 RPM, stylish looks, and a coreless motor that remains stable even after long hours of use make this nail drill stand out. The MR5's long battery life of up to 15 hours is the highlight of this machine, allowing you to enjoy your manicure without worrying about running out of power.

5. 100% Vacuum Effect Nail Dust Collector

nail dust collector

Nail dust collectors greatly reduce the concentration of nail dust particles in the air, minimizing the risk of respiratory illness and creating a cleaner, healthier working environment. And, of course, it enhances the professional image: a clean and hygienic salon makes a good impression on clients. That's why more and more nail technicians are adding this machine to their list of essential and preferred nail tools.

6. Super Long Tungsten Nail Drill Bits

melodysusie super long drill bits

With the trend of more and more types of nail drills, the Extra Long Nail Drill Bits becomes one of the most popular and revolutionary innovative tools in the nail industry in 2023. With the advantages of long reach, high precision, reduced hand fatigue, versatility, safety and time saving, nail technicians and manicurists alike have been unable to resist the lure of these advantages and have tried them, and they have been widely acclaimed and become more and more popular. Whether you are a professional nail technician or a nail enthusiast, you can feel that using the Extra Long Nail Drill Bits in your nail service will elevate our nail fashion to new heights. Don't forget to learn the essential tips for effective use before we use them. 

7. Small and Colorful Sanding Bands

MelodySusie Small Sanding Bands

To meet the needs of its diverse clientele, and after many years of selling regular size sanding bands, MelodySusie launched a small size sanding bands in 2023 to help achieve flawless nails even on smaller nail beds. Their slim design ensures ease of use for precise shaping and finishing of nails, adding dimension or texture to the material. Whether carving, sculpting, grinding, scribing, sharpening, sanding or removing material, it has become one of the most popular products among nail technicians and every home enthusiast.

What You Need for a Manicure

A basic manicure really only requires a nail file, nail clippers, gel nail polish and a curing lamp. But if you want to take it to an enhanced experience, cuticle pushers and trimmers can help you clean up your cuticles, nail drills and various bits can make a manicure more efficient and professional, nail dust collector makes you a dust-free work space, and nail brushes allow for creative nail art designs. If you want to have the nail salon experience, you can consider applying hand creams and cuticle oils for more moisturized and soft hands.

So, browse this list of top nail tools and make a splash in the art of nail design. Whether you're a professional nail artist or a home nail enthusiast, these products will elevate your nail fashion as you step into the new year of 2024. Find your favorites and discover your inner nail artist!

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