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10 Best Almond Nail Design Ideas for Everyone in 2021

10 Best Almond Nail Design Ideas for Everyone in 2021

While pointy stiletto is a bit drama and oval shape feels too flat, the almond is truly one of the most popular nail shapes at the moment. The softly tapered finish and its proper length, its look is so feminine and sexy and at the same time very practical than the sharper ones. Not only almond nails make your fingers look more slender, but the shapes also are suitable for many types of nail art designs. So if you are still looking for a nail shape for yourselves, why not try this never-wrong almond?

1. All Chromed Up Almond Nails

all chromed up almond nails
Nude base color really allows you to do as many variations as possible while chromed designs always stand out and this curve here is just eye-catching.

2. Simple Glitter Short Almond Nails

Simple Glitter Short Almond Nails

Less is more, minimalist is never out of date. But how to be special, this simple stripe glitter may inspire you a bit.

3. Just Do It Logo Almond Nails

3. Just Do It Logo Almond Nails

To correspond to a NIKE sneakers, I choose to have a JUST DO IT nails. From fingers to toes, you are all set for a great journey!

4. Alternate Colors Almond Nails

Alternate Colors Almond Nails

Put every bright colors you like to keep in a good mood! There is no specific rule in beauty, making yourself happy is the key to enjoy any kind of manicure.

5. Animal Prints Almond French Manicure

Animal Prints Almond French Manicure

Simple French manicure is never enough now, yet the upgraded animal print tips does make a difference. And this one is like a safari, to see the wild animal prints, I hear the roar.

6. Gradient Colors Almond Nails

Gradient Colors Almond Nails

Different from alternate color nails, this gradient set is selecting the same color scheme from light to dark, so you can feel the transition and it is very harmonious although there are five colors on one hand.

7. Spring Colors Abstract Almond Nails

Spring Colors Abstract Almond Nails

Yes your nail can be a blank canvas that you can draw anything in your mind, you don’t have to follow any instructions, and abstract look makes the nail art design unique and charming.

8. Green Marble Almond Nails

Green Marble Almond Nails

With half of the nail plate is in green marble pattern and half remains natural look, it could be inspired by French tips yet the ratio is so revolutionary and the result is just gorgeous.

9. Half Daisy and Half Tortoise Shell Almond Nails

Half Daisy and Half Tortoise Shell Almond Nails

When you are hesitating about two styles, since daisy petals are so cute and tortoise shell is also stunning, why not just combine them together and here it is – a perfect spring-summer match.

10. Yin and Yang Almond Nails

Yin and Yang Almond Nails

Instead of black and white, choose other colors are still great to form the pattern just like these two pinks. First paint on your French tips with your lighter color and cure, then paint on the darker color and cure. At last, add the alternate dots and you’re done.

Have you found your favorite designs from the above and cannot wait to have own fresh manicures? Come and explore the new nail gel polish collections from here, get your color palette, and do it now!

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The animal prints almond French manicure is such a bold and fierce look. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to add a little bit of edge to their style.



I absolutely looove the all chromed up almond nails! They’re so chic and stylish. They’re definitely a must-try for anyone who wants to stand out.



😱 Who knew almonds could be so fierce? These nail designs are on 🔥 and I’m here for it! 😍



The ‘Just Do It’ logo almond nails are such a unique and fun design idea. They’re perfect for anyone who loves to express themselves through their nails.



The simple glitter short almond nails are so pretty and perfect for adding a little bit of sparkle to your day. They’re super easy to maintain and look great on any skin tone.

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