The Most Stunning Easter Nails


The rabbit, the chick, the eggs decorated with colorful patterns ... Before eating them in chocolate, we find them in our selection of manicures and Nail Art special Easter!

We hope everyone has spent a great Easter weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! Everything we love about the holiday: baskets overflowing with colorful candy and eggs, adorable bunny and chick design, gorgeous floral arrangements, and candy colors - becomes the perfect inspiration for cute spring nails!

Gorgeous Girly Nails For Celebrating Easter

If you are like us, a fan of manicure or nail art, this article is for you. Whether you like to match your nails to your outfit or look for a special manicure for an occasion or a party, you are always searching for new inspirations. And we feel you!

Which One: The Egg Or The Chicken? What Came First The Chicken Or The Egg?


IG @charmandacure


IG @charmandacure

We have to admit it; here is a manicure too cute and perfect in the theme! Get a fine brush and different colors of nail polish; you will have little chicks that will animate your nails nicely. Get this funny design by using the yellow base colors of Lolly Love 8 + 1 Gel Nail Polish Kit and the other colors from Multi-colors Gel Nail Polish Kit.

We Play The Game For Real!


IG @polishedhairandbeauty


IG @gandziuchaa


IG @premier.gel

We continue in the childish drawings with this manicure too cute that reproduces chicks, bunnies, eggs, and even small flowers for an Easter spirit without any hesitation. Enjoy yourself by trying several different color options by Spring Break 24 + 3 Gel Nail Polish Kit and Lolly Love 8 + 1 Gel Nail Polish Kit.

Light Pink Color Gel Polish For A Breath Of Spring With!


IG @ nunailandbeauty

Easter means beautiful days and springtime! The best way to be in the theme is to wear pretty light pink colors with flowers on the tips of your nails. On an opaque nail polish or on the contrary totally nude and all in transparency, which can be easily realized with Spring Break 24 + 3 Gel Nail Polish Kit, we do not hesitate to opt for the flower power.

The Funny Touch We Couldn’t Resist Egg Challenge!


IG @ byul__nail

Because we do not always take things seriously when it comes to beauty, here is a manicure that will please all those who want to put a little fun on their nails: Easter eggs, OK, but if they are cooked, like fried eggs. So be part of the egg challenge with the yellow and white gel nail polish from Lolly Love 8 + 1 Gel Nail Polish Kit.

Some Macaron Pastels Into My Life


IG @ vintage__nail

For a spring look, don't hesitate to use pastels. Here, nails specially designed to celebrate Easter, with baby pink, very light blue and faded yellow. Your nails will look gorgeous with our Macaron Mood Rainbow Plus 8+1 Gel Nail Polish Kit.

It's Absolutely Impossible To Avoid Carrots When Speaking Of Easter Nail Art!


IG @veruca_salt__

Definitely unusual, these patterns allow you to decorate your nails in a fun and creative way. Is there anything better than celebrating the return of spring with a pretty carrot nail art? Your daughter will absolutely adore this look by using the Multi-colors Gel Nail Polish Kit.


Melodysusie wishes all our nailista, a shiny long lasting EASTER!

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