Top 7 Trending Thanksgiving Nails Art Design 2019

Top 7 Trending Thanksgiving Nails Art Design 2019

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, During the holidays, you might see some of these friends and family members who don't often see, so you want to make sure you look your absolute best and your manicure is ready for Turkey Day with these best Thanksgiving nail ideas.


1.Matte Olive-Green Acrylic Nails


The collision of matte and shine makes the perfect match for Thanksgiving.


2. Snowflakes Nail Art Design


Waves of turquoise color-shifting sparkle embrace the snowflakes, ever-changing from vivid aqua to a softened orange and at times, even easing into a mellow gold! 


3.Orange Skittle Ombre Nails


Most popular colors in the Thanksgiving event! This is a very steady choice. And who can say those aren't cute?


 4.Maple Leaves Nails Design


Several distinctive Maple leaves based on shimmer glitter. Upon layering Legacy, you’ll notice radiant waves of orange-to-gold sparkle building with each stroke! 


 5.David's Deer Nails Design


Thanksgiving, it is so light to follow the pace of inadvertently blowing open a new bright life. These set match it all!


 6. Thanksgiving Turkey Nails Design


How could we miss turkey on turkey day!! Essential elements in every one of Thanksgiving. This artful mani made up of fit-for-fall hues and a water marble technique is good enough to gobble up!


 7. Light-Pink Nails Design


MelodySusie brings to the table a perfect light pink and sleek clear gel and burnishes it with small holographic flakes that take these acrylic nails to another level!  This is a manicure that never goes out of style. Clean and shine, basic but outstanding.

Products Used:

Scarlet Electric Nail Drill

Pro48W LED/UV Nail Lamp

3 Pack Nail Extension Gel Kit

Top and Base Coat Set



There's an idea on this list for nail artists of all skill levels, whether you're a beginner or an expert. If you scroll through this list and absolutely love an idea but don't think you can do it yourself, you could always ask an artistic friend to give it a try, or head to your local nail salon and have your manicurist do it for you. Which one gets you? Leave us a comment below. Happy Thanksgiving!





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