Top 3 Gel Nail Kit Trends You Need to Try for Autumn 2021

Top 3 Gel Nail Kit Trends You Need to Try for Autumn 2021

Autumn is one of those unique seasons that is not too hot or too cold, colors you think of including Tomato Cream, Illuminating, Daylily and a whole range of warm colors as you await the white and glowing shade of winter. Autumn also gives you great scenery and inspires great dreams and aspirations.

Keeping this in mind, you can match that autumn style and look with your preferred gel polish kit. You can find an array of these warm and daring colors at MelodySusie. This is the most ideal place to get fall nail colors to finish your overall look. MelodySusie color sets offer beautiful colors that can blend well with any school, vacation or about-town look. Whether day or night, social or formal, autumn colors will pop out and make you shine.

Follow us MelodySusie, creates the Pantone Fashion Color Trend now!


1.Before Sunrise 24+3 Gel Nail Polish Kit

Several great holidays are surrounding the fall season. The best part about these holidays is that they have such a dynamic range of how they are celebrated. You have Halloween with costumes and decorations. For those in Germany and other related communities, let’s toast a beer or three during Oktoberfest! As we approach winter, many of us appreciate Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. That gives you many reasons to celebrate and look great while at it. Many communities celebrate Oktoberfest, then there is Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas.

This Before Sunrise 24+3 Gel Nail Polish Kit provides you with colors that will match your warm outfit of the day and overall look. The styles let you embrace your inner fashionista. So go for the brighter colors to match your Halloween costume or choose the more earthy subdued colors for your next Thanksgiving dinner date or party.

The main color referred to: Illuminating, Daylily


2.The Special You 24+4 Gel Nail Polish Kit

Let’s be honest – not everyone is comfortable with having to choose the perfect nail colour from a wide array of options. Maybe you are looking for a small number of colors that are perfect for the fall. This is when the leaves are changing colors and gently dropping to the ground to carpet it with their beauty, so browns, oranges, yellows, and other similar shades are perfect for this time of year. You will find that the blending of these colors creates a flawless look for your nails, and is ideal for whatever ensemble you are wearing. 

This is that time of the year when people move away from whites and daring shades of the summer and go for warmer but darker options, especially those that blend in with the season. You will find that the range of colors from darker browns through lighter shades nearing red and pink are perfect for your look. They feel great and look fantastic.

The main color refered to: First Flush, Green Bee, Daylily


3.Twilight Forest 24+4 Gel Nail Polish Kit

While many people like the earth tone colors of fall, there are still those who want a brighter, cheerier look. This Art Deco Kit is ideal, as it comes in 24 different colors, Twilight looks peaceful but full of dange for darkness falls. You will find yellows, vibrant greens, and oranges. Plus, there are a large set of accessories that you can use to decorate and beautify the nails to get the ideal look.

Our Twilight Forest 24+4 Gel Nail Polish Kit is a fantastic kit that allows you to match your nails to any style or accessory for the day. They are easy to put on, and all of the accessories enable you to color and decorate them as you desire.

The main color refered to: Downtown Brown, Winery

MelodySusie gives you the perfect kits for a beautiful time of the year. While these three kits are particularly spectacular, you can be sure that you are going to find the perfect kit for you no matter what your nail needs may be.

Whatever your style, MelodySusie has the nail gel polish kit that will help you display your personal fashion sense.  Try these gel polish kits bundle out now!

To have a perfect nail art in this Autumn, a set of manicure tools is also essential. Find the match manicure kit here

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