The Best Nail Trends to Save for Your Next Manicure in Spring 2024

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When it comes to chic seasonal manicures, the fall season is always associated with warm, cozy gel nail polish colors, while the cold winter months are often connected to snow, ice, and the holidays.

With the advent of the all-important spring, the most popular nail color palettes are usually refreshed for the change of seasons.

The highly acclaimed MelodySusie 15ml gel nail polish is also launching a new collection. Follow the article to explore the spring 2024 nail trends that not even ChatGPT could predict!

Peach Fuzz

peach fuzz nail art@heygreatnails

Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz - a warm and fuzzy shade between pink and orange. Pantone describes it as "warm and cozy ...... nurturing compassion and heartfelt kindness." This is a color that has more depth than the pinks we commonly see. Experts predict that creamy pink will be on the rise as spring approaches. What could be better than putting this hue on your fingertips and lifting your hands with kindness and compassion?

Peach Fuzz, is the color that will outshine all others by 2024.


Vibrant nail art using melodysusie 15ml mail gel polishUsing MelodySusie 15ml Gel Nail Polish Color JuicyOrange041

The color trend for 2024 will be bolder and more vibrant. It's not about the traditional one solid color, but more about playful self-expression. Picture bright neons, vivid jewel tones, and funky color combinations. This bold palette will instantly add a splash of color to your closet and elevate any spring ensemble to the next level.

Bubblegum Pink

Nail art deisgn bubblegum pink for MelodySusie@katiesnails_

Pink often makes people feel gentle or girly. But this shade is fun and flirty, and Bubblegum Pink was seen all over the runways as a key nail color for Spring 2024. Whether you choose brights or pastels, this shade will work and add flair to your ensemble.


MelodySusie 15ml gel nail polish art nail designUsing MelodySusie 15ml Gel Nail Polish Color GrowingLavender449

Lilac is another popular color for spring. This pinkish hue is perfect to match and will make your nails look delicate and refined.

Baby Blue

melodysusie gel nail polish baby blueUsing MelodySusie Gel Nail Polish Colors TranquilSea253 and PersianBlue359

One of the big nail color trends for 2024 is definitely baby blue. Especially at the beginning of the year and throughout the spring, we'll see tons of soft, muted baby blues.

Mint Green

spring nails@amyle.nails

Mint green can instantly bring you into a warm, sunny afternoon. This soft color is ideal for spring nail art. It is especially relaxing and chic when paired with other soft, muted shades.

Aura Nails

Aura Nails in MelodySusieUsing MelodySusie 15ml Gel Nail Polish

You've probably seen Aura Nails on social media at least once by 2023, but it's predicted to be even more prevalent and ubiquitous in 2024.

Aura nails don't have to be an exact standard; they feature colors that mimic the colors of the human chakras and energy fields by using colors to form a circular ombre effect that starts in the middle and spreads outward. It makes the colors of the manicure more interpretive and expansive.

Not only are these manicures stunning, but they are easy to replicate at home on your own. Manicurists can also express their artistic abilities with these staggered designs.

With the start of a new year, people will inevitably want to freshen up their closet, fitness regimen, or beauty regimen. What's one simple change? Adapting to the new year starts with challenging new trends in nail art. If you're thinking about changing your usual colors, these are the best gel nail polish colors.

From vibrant, eye-catching color nails to aura nails, every look is worth trying in rotation. Stay tuned to MelodySusie's ongoing sharing of new products and content to help you improve your nail art skills and to help you save for a rainy day with your next nail salon appointment.

Do you want to try it? Explore more colors of nail gel polish for your exclusive Spring 2024 manicure!

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