Nail the 2023 Holidays: Christmas Nail-Art Designs with MelodySusie


As the temperature outside takes a dip and Christmas Eve draws near, friends and family come together for a heartwarming reunion. Secret Santa gifts are exchanged, tales from the past year are shared, and the room resonates with laughter and a sense of togetherness. The feast, boasting an assortment of homemade dishes, adds to the festive cheer.


In the midst of the festive atmosphere, Jessica steps into the spotlight, raising her glass in a toast to Christmas. Amid the cheerful clinking of glasses, friends complimented her on her holiday-themed nails. "Where did you get your holiday nails done? The colors are absolutely stunning!"

2 Pack 15ml Gel Nail Polish and nail brush set

Jessica proudly spills the secret—her nail artist used MelodySusie's dual-color gel nail kit. Lynn, the creative mind behind Jessica's fabulous nails, is more than happy to spill the beans. The upcoming section features beautiful snapshots and a step-by-step guide that you won't want to miss.

Step-by-Step Guide to Christmas Nail Magic

As always, let's start with a step-by-step nail art tutorial.

  • Canvas Pinecanvas pine design

Overall, it gives off a feeling of an oil painting—exquisite and refined. Surprisingly, all it takes is a flat nail art brush to achieve this look. Though it may seem intricate, it's quite simple to create. The deep green shade adds a touch of sophistication, and layering enhances the three-dimensional appearance of the pine tree. The delicate detailing of snow adds a subtle yet charming touch.

  • Emerald French Tipsgreen french nails

Nude shades are the perfect accomplice for harmonizing color tones, especially when combined with the French tips. Don't forget to use a liner brush for defining the smile lines—it works wonders!

  • Winter Blossomflower nails

This design beautifully bridges the preceding colors, adding elegance to the overall nail art. The floral elements are created with a certain degree of spontaneity, contributing to an effortlessly graceful aesthetic.

  • Leaf Veinsleaf nails

The comforting green base sets the tone. Follow the natural veins of leaves, filling the nail surface with meticulously drawn patterns. It's reminiscent of snowflakes landing on leaves, forming delicate lines.

  • Santa Hat French Tipsred white French nails

A classic French tip like that on the index finger, harmonizing the overall color scheme of the nail art. Doesn't it resemble Santa's hat? The design on the thumbnail echoes this theme, creating a delightful harmony!

Jingle Bell Nails: the Art of Dual-Color Gel Magic

If this color combination doesn't quite tickle your fancy, no worries – MelodySusie will be introducing more color options this coming Spring!  The best part? You choose the colors, and we make it happen. Check out more inspiration below, pick your favorite colors and designs, and make MelodySusie your nail palette.

2 Pack White Red 15ml Gel Nail Polish

Now, imagine yourself sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, showcasing different nail art designs, from classic red and green combinations to frosty blues reminiscent of winter nights, all inspired by the warmth and joy of the season. What a wonderful moment!

white and red nail design

Do you already have a handful of favorites in mind? It's time to let a variety of styles add to the magic and make your nails a canvas for holiday cheer!

The Merry Christmas Sale 50% off is now on. Get to go.

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