MelodySusie's 2024 New Launch: Trend-leading SM180F Stepless Speed Control Nail Drill

MelodySusie SM180F nail drill

In the nail industry, technological advancements are always thrilling. For professional manicurists and nail enthusiasts, having advanced tools is the key to improving work efficiency and creating fabulous creations. MelodySusie, a leading nail tool brand, has always been committed to meeting market demand through technological innovation.

In 2024, MelodySusie is again leading the industry by launching the new SM180F cordless and portable stepless speed control nail drill. This new product is expected to redefine the standard of professional nail drills and bring you a refreshing experience.

Why choose SM180F?

SM180F Stepless Speed Control Nail Drill is a high-performance tool for nail care and polishing. It is equipped with a stepless speed control design, which allows you to adjust the speed according to different needs, providing a more flexible and precise manicure experience. It features several innovative technologies that combine portability, stability, and safety, making it an ideal choice for home nail enthusiasts, professional manicurists, and nail salon owners alike.

1. Portability

MelodySusie SM180F potable lightweight

Featuring a pen design, the SM180F nail drill is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and store. It is cordless and rechargeable, which can be used at home, in the nail salon, and on the go after 1.5 hours of charging, easy to meet nail needs at any time and anywhere.

2. Safety

MelodySusie SM180F safty design

Lock design: The rare lock design in a pen design drill protects your safety, and is also more convenient for the installation and replacement of nail drill bits.
Pause function: When you need to pause in filing process, simply press the on/off button shortly, and no need to turn off the drill and then turn it on to adjust the speed again.

3. Stability

MelodySusie SM180F coreless carbon brush

SM180F uses an upgraded high-quality coreless carbon brush motor, high-precision machining, and premium-quality manufacturing. This ensures stability, durability, and lower noise levels, reducing malfunctions and maintenance needs.
This not only creates a more comfortable working environment for nail technicians but also allows customers to enjoy a more comfortable nail care experience.

4. Multi-functional & Diversity

SM180F is available in three color options- white, black, and rose gold.

MelodySusie SM180F nail drill 3 colors

It is practical, cost-effective, and can be used for filing, polishing, and cutting in addition to nail care.
1-10 k RPM: Work for prepping and polishing dead skin and callus on natural nails
10-20 k RPM: Filing, removing manicure (soft gel and hard gel)
20-25 k RPM: Filing, removing manicure, cutting (hard gel, acrylic nails)
25-30 k RPM: Recommended for professionals
Humanized design: In designing the SM180F stepless speed control nail drill, MelodySusie pays special attention to user experience. The handpiece is comfortable to grip, easy to operate, reduces hand fatigue, and improves usage efficiency.
These details are optimized to ensure that nail artists can focus more on nail art creation.

5. Stepless Speed Control

MelodySusie SM180F nail drill stepless speed control

The biggest highlight of the SM180F nail drill is its stepless speed adjustment function. To achieve the best filing effect, you can precisely and easily adjust the speed freely according to different manicure needs. The stepless speed control technology with LED digital display provides a more flexible user experience, greatly enhancing the efficiency and quality of a manicure.

How to Use?

1. First, long press the on/off button to turn on the nail drill. Use the stepless speed control function to adjust the speed to 30k RPM.
2. Shorten your previous manicure.

3. Click the on/off button to pause. Change your bit and click again to restart the drill. Adjust the speed to 25.
4. Take off all the gels on your nails.

5. Pause the drill again and change to the prep bit. Please do remember to safety lock the bit.
6. Prep your cuticle and plate.

With just one SM180F nail drill you can be fully prepared for your next manicure in all aspects.

For a more detailed guide on using the SM180F stepless speed control nail drill, please refer to the following video.

MelodySusie's SM180F Stepless Speed Control Nail Drill is a groundbreaking product in the nail industry. Whether you are a professional manicurist or a nail enthusiast, SM180F is the ideal choice. It improves the efficiency and quality of manicures and enhances the overall experience of manicurists and customers through its innovative design and technology.

With the launch of this drill, MelodySusie demonstrates its commitment to product innovation and reflects its forward-thinking approach to future nail trends. As the nail industry continues to evolve, so does the tool demand. MelodySusie's continuous pursuit of technological breakthroughs ensures that its products will meet future market demands and lead the industry.

Stay tuned for more innovative MelodySusie products that will be coming soon and witness the bright future of the nail industry!

For more incredible tools, please click MelodySusie's website.

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