Meet MelodySusie's New Nail Drill Naming System: A Fusion of Technology, Artistry, and Innovation

MelodySusie Nail Drill Renaming

Brace yourselves for an exciting upgrade, MelodySusie fans!

We're taking our nail drill models to a whole new level with a name upgrade that combines high-tech, artistry, and our brand vision. As a 15-year-old nail tool brand, we've always strived to provide you with top-notch products, and now we're enhancing your experience by introducing meaningful names for our new nail drill models.

At MelodySusie, we believe that every product should tell a story, and our new naming system is designed to reflect the essence of each model while integrating nail art and our commitment to excellence. Let's dive into the details and discover the inspiration behind our new nail drill names.

The Meaning Behind the Names

We've devised a unique product model naming rule that captures the key attributes of each nail drill. The names consist of four elements: Series, Motor Type, Torque, and Year of Release. Let's break it down:

Series: The first letter of the name represents the category of the nail drill, respectively corresponding to MelodySusie's P Series, S Series, M Series, and X Series nail drills. These series reflect the positioning of the product and its target audience: P stands for lightweight, suitable for users who seek portability; S stands for practical basic models, suitable for the daily needs of nail enthusiasts; M represents professional high-end models targeting professional nail technicians and users with high-performance requirements; and X stands for innovation and uniqueness, aiming to provide cutting-edge technology and distinctive use experience.

Motor Type: The second letter represents the type of motor used in the nail drill, which determines the working principle and performance characteristics of the products. C stands for Carbon Brush Motors, which are simple and affordable; B represents Brushless Motors, offering low vibration, low noise and long lifetime; and M stands for Coreless Carbon Brush Motors, which are highly efficient and low heat generating. Want to know more about Motors? Click here to understand the motors of electric nail drills.

Torque: The actual torque value of the product reflects the power and performance level of the nail drill. By incorporating the torque value into the name, users can intuitively understand the strength and applicable range of the product, making it easier to choose the nail drill that suits their needs.

Year of Release: The musical scale letter corresponding to the release year's last digit represents MelodySusie's continuous innovation and progress. Every year, we strive to develop new technologies and launch optimized products to meet user needs. If the last digit is 8 and above, it corresponds to the order on the alphabet.

We understand that every nail professional and nail art lover desires a high-quality nail drill that suits their needs to achieve flawless nail art results. By incorporating these elements, we aim to provide you with a clear understanding of each nail drill's capabilities and make a logical choice based on your specific needs and preferences. Next, we will further explain how this new naming rule works with examples of MelodySusie's products that you are familiar with for a clearer understanding.


The perfect nail drill for beginners! It's cordless, portable, and easy to use. For only $19.99, it can meet all the needs of a beginner's manicure. If you want to get started quickly, it's the best manicure practice buddy for you.

MelodySusie PC180F Portable Rechargeable Nail Drill 25000RPM
  • P - P series, cordless, portable, and lightweight
  • C - Carbon brush motor, inexpensive and good for practicing
  • 180 - The torque is torque
  • F - New products released in 2024


Stepless and cordless are its best features, which makes the SM220E able to fulfill your manicure needs anytime, anywhere, and as often as you want. With coreless carbon brush motor, it's low vibration and easy to control, providing you with a salon-level experience.

MelodySusie SM220E Cordless & Stepless Speed Nail Drill 30000 RPM
  • S - S series, basic, and practical
  • M - Coreless carbon brushes motor, less heat generation, and long lifespan
  • 220 - With torque
  • E - Released in 2023


Equipped with upgraded brushless motor, it is quiet, durable, and low vibration for customer comfort. The true torque enables you to complete all kinds of nail art work efficiently and with high precision. A truly salon-grade nail drill.

MelodySusie MB450E Brushless Motor Nail Drill 35,000 RPM
  • M - M series, professionals' choice
  • B - Brushless motor, quiet, durable, and low vibration
  • 450 - With torque, efficient, and powerful
  • E - Released recently in 2023


If you like freshness and variety, look no further than the XC320J. It stands for innovation. The unique 2-in-1 design of dust collector and nail drill can meet multiple needs simultaneously, making it easy to get a dust-free manicure while shaping your nails!

MelodySusie XC320J 2 In 1 Nail Dust Collector
  • X - X Series, innovation
  • C - Carbon brush motor
  • 320 - With torque
  • J - Released in 2020

At MelodySusie, our commitment to innovation, quality, and your satisfaction is unwavering. We will continue to explore new products and services to provide you with the best experience possible. Whether you are a nail professional or a nail enthusiast, we hope that the new generation of nail drill naming rules will provide you with clearer and more intuitive product information to help you better choose the right product for your needs.

As always, thank you for choosing MelodySusie! Stay tuned for new experiences coming your way!

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