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How To Save On Your Holiday Gift Shopping

How to save on holiday gift shopping

Christmas gift shopping is not an easy job. Most people will try to make the most of Black Friday sale. However, if you have already missed the big sale, and still are in the panic of getting the rest of your gifts ready. Here are some tips for you to save while still getting great quality gifts.

Tip #1: Make a Shopping List and Plan Your Budget

Planning is almost the single most important first step. List out the things or categories you need to buy for each family member or friends and remember to set a budget on it. This list would help you stick to the budget and also know clearly what you need to get, without ended up spending money on things you don’t really need. 

Tip #2: Embrace Online Shopping

Right now online shopping can’t be easier. Online shopping saves you both time and money. You can visit Amazon and/or other big online stores for their special deals for the holiday season. Also remember to leverage the free shipping. For example, with order over $25, Amazon will provide free shipping. So remember to check each store on their requirement for free shipping.

Tip #3: Sign Up for Store Newsletters of Your Favorite Retailers

In December, many stores and brands will hold deals and discounts on their products. You can subscribe to their newsletters or follow their social media so you know when the deals or discounts start and take action. Also try to use discount codes or coupons as much as possible. You will be surprised how much you’ll end up saving in the end.

Tip #4: Consider Boxing Day

For those friends and relatives that you will meet after the holiday, consider buying on Boxing Day. They will not know and you still have a chance to get some big discounts on great gifts.

Tip #5: DIY your gift

Sometimes, DIY gift can save big while also add a personal touch to your gift giving. Hand-made gifts are great for young children, especially. However it might take time to DIY a gift, so start early and make sure you have enough time for it.

Tip #6: Customize your gift

A water bottle might seem to be a no-surprise gift. However, if you can get it customized with your friend’ or family member’s name, or customize with their favorite colors. Then it will certainly make a wonderful personalized gift for them! You can check out this customizable water bottle.

Tip #7: Join MelodySusie $1 Holiday Flash Sale!

MelodySusie is holding our Holiday Flash Sale! From Dec. 5 – 15, between 6 – 7 pm, visit MelodySusie Flash Sale and claim your holiday gift for ONLY 1 DOLLAR! This would save you big on some great beauty gifts.

melodysusie flash sale holiday shopping


Holiday Gift Choice #1

melodysusie flash sale holiday shopping

Pro12W UV/LED 2in1 Nail Lamp cures both UV and LED gels efficiently and quickly in 30-60 seconds. You can enjoy a professional manicure at home with this lovely portable nail lamp. It will be an unique holiday gift for her.


Holiday Gift Choice #2

melodysusie flash sale holiday shopping

Your nails are an important part of your holiday outfit. Get ready for the holiday parties with some great nails. Lux Classics Gel Set contains 6 great colors for the holiday season. It is 1-step and does not require base or top coat. It can be efficiently cured with an LED nail lamp. It will let you enjoy a great nail work throughout the holiday.


Holiday Gift Choice #3

melodysusie flash sale holiday shopping

A great nail work requires a good cuticle and nail surface cleanup. Get a set of 10 nail files for only $1 dollar and get ready with those nails. You can also share them with your friends as a small gift.


Holiday Gift Choice #4

melodysusie flash sale holiday shopping

What’s the secret for a good makeup application? The answer is lighting. Suggested by many makeup professionals, a color temperature of the noon time daylight, 6500K, would be the best lighting for applying makeup. MelodySusie LED Makeup Mirror has 20 energy saving light bulbs that provide just the right light source. It also has a detachable 10x magnifying mirror, and a bottom organizing tray to keep your accessories handy.

Above are just 4 of our flash sale items, there are more surprising $1 flash sale beauty products available! So remember to check our flash sale sharp at 6 pm from Dec 5-15!

How to play:

1.      Visit MelodySusie Flash Sale at 6 pm, Dec 5-15

2.      Sign in or register

3.      Either use our discount code to buy the item right away, or

4.      Click on Buy For $1 (Only limited number of products available.)

Have a thought about holiday shopping, or have a question about our flash sale, leave us a comment or email us marketing@melodysusie.com.

melodysusie flash sale holiday shopping

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