We Need You! Testing Now...

We Need You! Testing Now...

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Breaking News! MelodySusie’s Testing Program is Launching!

Right, we'd love to get more feedback about our products from you guys. So, if you have any social media and would like to share MelodySusie with your lovely followers, don’t hesitate to enter our program and have a chance to get a FREE product.

The first testing product is Pro18W/36W Switching LED/UV Nail Lamp, which has two power function: 18W-Low Heat for beginner, 36W-High Heat for professional.

If you’re interested in this model, simply leave a comment below with the reason why you want to test. We’ll draw 3 Lucky Testers on Monday November 12th 2018.

All about Program

  1. How To Enter: Leave a comment with your testing reason below this post on website. Commenting on our other social media will get you disqualified. (You need to submit your comment with your email and name so that we can contact you if possible.)
  2. Timeline: November 1st – November 8th 2018
  3. Application Requirements: 18+, US ONLY
  4. Announcement: We’ll post the 3 testers on upcoming blog (Nov.12th 2018). 
  5. Review Requirements: You need to send us a link with your review within 2 weeks once you have received the product. If you haven’t sent a link after two weeks you will not be allowed to enter the future testing program.
  6. How to Share: Share the review on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, etc.) or website (if allowed).

Good Luck!





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Virginia E

Virginia E

I would love to test a melodysusie product nail lamp. Anything that makes doing my nails easier, especially a nail lamp has my attention.

Sara Rosa

Sara Rosa

I am a blogger/influencer. I am obsessed with MelodySusie products. I have to say that I own almost all your lamps and drills. I have always been interested in reviewing your products. For me would be an honor as a fan of your products that I am. I have 2 YouTube channel plus 2 instagrams and my Facebook. My followers are potencial buyers. My followers are ladies who have nail salon, do nail art at home as a hobby and man who approach me to ask about certain products I reviewed cause it’s their anniversary and they are looking for presents for their wives or girlfriend. I love gel polish and use them a lot in my family and friends too. Also, I am manicurist. Of course, need to take the test board still. Which I hope to go anytime soon but in the mean while, it is my passion reviewing nail products.



How fun is this opportunity? I am a licensed advanced and medical nail technician and feel that my professional opinion would greatly benefit you guys. I am always looking and researching for the newest model of equipment to use/buy especially for my mobile nail business! MS is definitely always coming up with new and improved products, many of which I’ve purchased and have had outstanding viewer results via me YouTube Channel. I even have people email me thank for helping them decide what to purchase from you guys! I think this lamp would be a great fit for my audience, many of which are new/aspiring nail techs and lots of my elderly clientele who have thin nail beds would appreciate the 18W low bulb wattage for little to no heat spike. Thanks for allowing us all this opportunity to work with you!

Ashly Hudson

Ashly Hudson

I would like to be a tester bc I would to see how well a full size lamp lamp cures. The small one I have now only cures 2-3 fingers at a time and the things HAVE TO be separate. It takes more time to cure my client’s nails. I would to try to cut that time down.

Crystal Becks

Crystal Becks

I would like to test out this lamp and other products because I already own a few some of your products. I use them multiple times a week and I constantly get questions on what products to use. I want to continue to find products that work well and are affordable to everyone. Thank you.

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