4 Favorite Blogger Halloween Looks


Finally, 31st October is fast approaching and it’s time to plan our Halloween beauty looks ready. Check out our favorite Halloween costume ideas designed by our lovely girls. You guys should be awesome at your Halloween gathering.

Wonderland Cat


                                           Photo Credit: IG /@marioncameleon

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat with pink coat and purple stripes popularized by Alice In Wonderland stories. It’s the top choice for Halloween party. The feature of this makeup is using black paint to outline the wide smile and white color to highlight the teeth. In addition, with a Pink Long Curly Wig and a touch of pink nose can let you more stand out.

Makeup Tutorial: Wonderland Cat

Creepy Smiling Nurse


                                                Photo Credit: IG /@eva.lamorte 

Halloween needs scary! How’s the nurse makeup with Light Blonde Long Curly Wig? This version can be downright scary, which is perfect for Halloween day. Look at the bloody eyes and the scars around the smiling face, those are definitely creep factors. 



                                                 Photo Credit: IG /@3mily_13

Everyone will fall under a spell when they see you wearing this makeup. Add the shimmer eye shadow and dark shade lipstick, as well as a witch hat and Black Long Curly Wig, this look is perfect for anyone ready to show off their witchy side. Oh, don’t forget your broom.

Wonder Woman


                                          Photo Credit: IG /@wonderwomanisreal

Featuring Wonder Woman’s red and blue costume, plus a matching headpiece and armbands, soar your girl power with confident red makeup. You’ll look more like a warrior princess with the Long Dark Curly Wig. Save the world this Halloween!


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Leave a comment and tell us your thought about these top Halloween beauty looks. 


  • Posted on by Arron

    Zombie is the topic of this year of mine.

  • Posted on by Alexa

    Creepy! The second one…

  • Posted on by J

    Cool! like the wonder woman style!

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