Happy Holidays! Thank You for Staying with MelodySusie Family!

Happy Holidays! Thank You for Staying with MelodySusie Family!

Holiday season is coming! It’s one of the most exciting times of the year. We hope you enjoy your best happy ending of this year and get started for next fresh new year.

MelodySusie give our sincere thanks to all of our influencers for being with us this year, we feel loved to be with you all as well.

Here we have prepared our holiday gifts for you, a little gift tie to remind our love to you all.

Our choice of this holiday season, is a warm and useful gift, scented candles. With our minds in heart, we wish you enjoy this great smelling, peaceful and lovely environment space that the candles create. We want you to be relaxed, happy and healthy now and forever.

We decided to pick our top 20 influencers who have been well engaged with us this year. Meanwhile, we have chosen 13 popular scented candles from MelodySusie Lifestyle, which include Gardenia & Ylang-YlangApple CinnamonFirJasmine SandalwoodVerbena Lemon, and more. All scents are chosen based on research, by votes from people. We insist on giving you the one that really makes you all feel happy and comfortable. This is also the motivation of MelodySusie for the past many years.

We have tested each candle for at least a week, for its smelling, burning time, and spreading space. We need to make sure the gift is sweet and smart, as what MelodySusie Lifestyle has been pursuing.

We also designed an elegant package for you, as a princess in our heart. You always deserve the better.

After the scented candles are all set, our staff start to choose the thank you card, with a hand-written letter, to express our greeting to the special you.

With the moment we are packing, our heart feels deeply grateful. We all know that we can’t grow bigger, walk further without all of you. As part of MelodySusie’s big family, we are glad that all of you have kept choosing us, no matter what circumstances. This is also the spiritual drive for us to keep improving our products, like our slogan, make beauty a new smart.

Last to all, thank you for being with us, and thank you for building our memories together. We are proud to say, we wish you all a happy time for the coming holidays!

We also make special gifts for all of MelodySusie families, with code: NEW20 to get Holiday Scented Candles 20% OFF now! 

Enjoy Your Holidays!


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