6 Best Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

6 Best Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas

Romantic time is approaching. When it comes to celebrating the day of love, it’s time to bring a little extra beauty to your fingertips. Check out our top picks and wear your love on your nails. These stunning designs are the perfect way to stand out this Valentine’s Day and will have you feeling the love anytime.

Heart of Love

Wearing your heart on your nail is definitely a romantic design this Valentine’s Day. There’re a million ways to paint the symbol, but try this colorful design. Not only RED can make you gorgeous this holiday. Introduce some hearts to your fingertips with this manicure that looks loving.

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Blue Glitter

The second most popular Valentine’s Day symbol has to be the glitter. We knew that baby blue would be the new color of love. Just add some glitter to increase a lot of pretty. It’s easy to recreate with your favorite blue shade and a bit of glitter.

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Pink-Gold Sparkle

Pink is absolutely the typical color on Valentine’s Day. If you’re rocking the pink base on your tips, why not trying to add some gold glitter for a half moon design? This design is the perfect balance of pink, gold and sparkle.

nail art, nail design, sparkle, pink, valentine's day, nail gels, nail lamp IG/@nailartbyfrida

Pink Ombre

Fade your nail from pink to blue with this holiday-themed nail. Tips for you, Layer different styles of glitter and sticker on the top of ombre shade would make you pop. 

nail art, nail design, valentine's day, gift, nail gels, nail lamp, holiday, ombre, pink, blue

Dreamy Nails

You nails should also be the body part getting bejeweled, not only your wrist and neck. So, share the love at your fingertips with this elegant design. They would look sexy. 

valentine's day, nail art, nail design, pink, jewelry, gift, idea, nail gels, nail lamp

Candy Stripes

Yup, girly stripes are a Valentine’s Day must. We can all agree that this manicure is too adorable not to try. The design balances the pink and purple with a stripe of nail in between. You can keep this lovely manicure from V-Day to rest of the month. It is so sweet, just like you.

valentine' day, nail art, nail design, gel polish, nail lamp, holiday, gift, ideas

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It’s no secret that holidays produce the most festive nails. V-Day nails must be the perfect match with chocolates and rose. Love is in the air.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Give Yourself a Little Love

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