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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Candles

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Candles

Do you know that candles have been used as sources of light and illumination for human celebrations for more than 5,000 years? Over time, the candle has evolved from a practical light source to a decoration with many different uses and benefits.  (Source: National Candle Association.)

Although candles are no longer primarily used for sources of light and illumination, they are still very popular and widely used today. They symbolize celebration and stand for romance, emphasizing the style of home decoration. They can instantly change the environment inside or outside through adding light to a space without the glare of a bright bulb. Soft flickering candlelight creates a relaxed atmosphere and adds a warm feeling.

By now, you might have developed an interest in candles, but are not sure how to choose a good one. Here are 5 tips from MelodySusie to help you choose the perfect candle.

1. Wax

Paraffin is the most commonly used candle wax today among candle wax materials. However, soy wax is definitely recommended by us rather than paraffin because soy wax is made from environmentally friendly renewable resources, while traditional paraffin wax is made from petroleum and is non-renewable. We recommend soy wax not only for environmental reasons, but also because it burns slower than paraffin wax, which means you get a candle that lasts longer. What's more, candles made from soy wax are more eco-friendly since it burns cleaner, produces less soot, and also does not require chemical processing to better carry fragrance.

2. Scents

There are so many people who like to have candles in their homes because our brains associate smells, memories and emotions which fragrance can be drawn from our memories, built on our mood, adding emotion to our space as much or more as music and color. (Source from Science)

Therefore, we suggest you choose a scent based on your mood, your preferences, your fond memories, and so on. We provide candles in over 25 fragrances for you to choose. 

3. Wick

Choosing the right wick and amount can help you avoid the wax burning memory tunnel and burning cleaner. Cotton wicks are the best choice to avoid the smoke and flaring, and can burn longer than the wood.


4. Burning Time

The burning time of a candle is related to its size and shape, wicks size and materials, and wax material, etc. Our Large Jar Candle's burning time is 50-60 hours, and Four Seasons Candle's burning time is 35-45 hours.

We recommend trimming wicks to about 1/4 inch high and burning candles for less than 4 hours at a time to make the candle last longer. Also, we suggest that you don't burn a new candle for only a few minutes.

5. Finishing Touches

What gives people the first sight is the packaging design of the candle, so the packaging design of the candle is really important. Especially when you are an enthusiast of packaging design or when you are about to give it to your loved ones as a gift.

Also, people love scented candles not only because of their beautiful fragrance, but also because they can be the perfect decorative piece to match their home decor. Therefore, don't forget their decorative features! Shop our unique candle collections here.

Our candles evoke a sense of peace and are inspired by NATURE. Fresh scents that are sure to relax and calm.

Our dedication to providing a safe, tranquil space for you and your loved ones shines through in all of our products. Each one comes in a gift-ready glass jar with beautiful packaging, which is perfect for weddings, birthdays, and holidays like Christmas, Valentines, Thanksgiving gifts. 

Don’t hesitate to get our Large Jar Scented Candle Collection and Four Seasons Scented Candle Collection for yourself, friends, and families now! 


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