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  4. Announcement platform: We will announce on this page, while testers will also receive an email notification
  5. Each participant can only apply once; multiple applications will not increase the success rate.
  6. Winner does not need to pay for the products, shipping fee, installation fee, etc. No need to send back the product after the event.
  7. Testers need to submit feedback within two weeks after receiving the product. If not feedback within the specified time will permanently lose the future testing eligibility.
  8. Please read the product manual carefully before use. Any improper operation and other personal reasons, resulting in injury or property damage, are not related to this activity.
Review Requirement
  1. All products need to be used out of the box rather than just simply take pictures of the product packaging.
  2. Brand name and product name need to be included in your review.
  3. The review description needs to include the product introduction and product using experience.
  4. The number of review pictures must be no less than 5; The duration of the review video must be at least 30 seconds.
  5. Review feedback within 2 weeks after receiving the product, and your review cannot be deleted.
  6. Your review needs to be rigorous and objective.
  1. All products need to be used out of the box and not simply used to fill out a questionnaire.
  2. Each question needs to be filled out, especially the text-based questions.
  3. Your questionnaire completion needs to be rigorous and objective.
  4. Please submit your questionnaire within two weeks of receiving your product.


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