Free Order Winners

Winner List

MS7**75 ck***; MS7**75 ck***; MS7**75 ck***; MS7**75 ck***; MS7**75 ck***

MelodySusie reserves the right to provide an explanation for this event. 

  1. MelodySusie will randomly draw prizes for paid orders. Winners will receive an email notification of winning within 48 hours after placing an order.
  2. Prizes will be issued in the form of Gift Cards, which are equal to the total order cost. The total order cost is the final amount paid for your products after the discount (discount/tax/shipping are omitted).
  3. Gift Cards can be redeemed by entering the exclusive card number during checkout for your next purchase.
  4. If an order is returned, the Free Order Prize will be voided.
  5. The Gift Cards will be valid from May 23, 2023 to June 6, 2023.
  6. The list of winners will be announced on


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