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5 free nail polish brand

In recent years, it’s hard to have missed any news about certain brands reverting back to animal testing or revealing that they do it. Besides the terrible cruelty aspect of animal testing, it also needs to be known that it just isn’t necessary anymore!

What is animal testing?
During the 1940’s, many beauty products began cause terrible allergic reactions due to the chemicals used. To eliminate any further health or legal issues, companies began testing on animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, monkeys, rats and mice. Mice are actually 98% genealogically similar to humans making them accurate test subjects.

On a positive note, animal testing is now banned in many countries, however it is still happening in many others too. At MelodySusie, we understand how important it is to be cruelty free, which is why none of our products will ever be tested on animals.

What is ‘5 free’?

The term ‘5 free’ only relates to nail polishes. There are 5 super nasty chemicals that we keep out of our products. The chemical names are long, but it’s important you don’t purchase anything containing:

·        Formaldehyde

·        DBP (Dibutyl phthalate)

·        Toluene

·        Formaldehyde Resin

·        Camphor

These chemicals have been known to be linked to cancer, to be highly flammable, super toxic as well as causing headaches, nausea and even breathing difficulties. You can also read “7 chemicals you do not want in your gel nail polish” for more details about these chemicals and the scary symptoms they may cause. The most important thing is to steer very clear of any nail polishes using these gross chemicals. 

5 free nail polish brand

What does it mean that we use plant paste, natural resin and pure water?

Many gel polishes contain menthol, toluene and other toxic chemicals. Melody Susie gels are made with all-natural ingredients: water, plant paste, and resin. This is much safer for you as it will not damage your nail beds, skins, or cause the health problems that the toxic chemicals may bring. It is also safe for the environment too.

5 free nail polish brand

In this Valentine’s Day, it’s not only a time to show love to your significant half, it is also a time to love yourself. Stop using gel polishes that contain bad chemicals, and choose only the 5 Free gel polish and natural beauty products.

5 free nail polish brand

What’s more? Don’t forget our 6W LED Nail Lamp Limited Edition, to #nailit this Valentine’s Day! Limited Edition comes with 4 uniquely designed prints including white, black marble, zigzag and graffiti. Limited numbers, only available on www.melodysusie.com.

Have a thought about the harmful chemicals in polish to share? Leave us a comment or email us marketing@melodysusie.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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