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Hi MelodySusie fans:

We’re back with our testing program. This time around, we’re asking you to try out our all-new rechargeable nail drill: Scamander.

We list some key features here:

  1. Smart LCD screen: It will show the RPM and the electricity.
  2. Rechargeable: Long last operation + quick 2.5 hours full charge
  3. Variable Speed Control: Max 30000 RPM
  4. Six interchangeable bits included in the package.

It got a lot of attention since we released it online. So now we would like to invite you to join our testing program.

We’ll choose the 3 most stellar applicants to participate in this round of Testing Program.

Good luck!


  1. How to Enter: Leave a comment below: What do you care most about an E-file(Nail Drill) RPM? Price? Brand? Fittings?......  (You need to submit your comment with your email and name)
  2. Application Time: May 27 – May 31, 2019
  3. Announcement: We’ll choose 3 testers through upcoming blog article of winner announcement and email you to get the shipping information.
  4. Eligibility for Application:18+, US only.
  5. Review Requirements: You need to send us a link with your review within 2 weeks once you have received the product. If you haven’t sent a link after two weeks you will not be allowed to enter any future testing programs.
  6. How to Share: You can share the review on your own Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, etc.).
  7. MelodySusie reserves the right of final explanation.




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    • Posted on by Amarilys Santiago

      What I look for in a drill is low vibration, good RPM and rechargeable is definitely something I need since power goes out alot where I live. Then I look for price and comfortable design.

    • Posted on by Jane Herrera

      Hello, when looking for an Efile my biggest 2 factors I believe are (1) being the comfort of how the actual drill fits on my hand. It’s something I’ll be working with 24/7 so comfort is extremely key. The weight of the hand piece determines a lot especially how much pressure you’ll be putting down on your clients nail to remove the products. (2) Rpm and torque would be the next thing for me because this prevents overheating or damaged to the clients nail. I would be honored to give your drill a try and be able to provide you with a thorough review. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • Posted on by Kassandra

      I’m a starting nail tech and I currently only use your products but what I would look for in an efile is a long lasting battery great torque, RPM, price and heat dissipation.

    • Posted on by Janise

      There are several factors I look for when purchasing a efile being the price is it affordable. Me traveling to clients at times this would be perfect being it’s battwry operated and your are able to see the rpms.. the last thing I look for is the weight of the wand and the torque. I would love to leave a review being i already had a melody Susie drill and loved it

    • Posted on by Helen Goddard

      Definitely interested in trying your nail drill – it would be the first I’ve used with an LCD screen accurately depicting the RPM (some dial functions on other nail drills are vague with RPM so it’s only with practise and experience you can ‘guesstimate’ your RPM).
      I would be looking at the comfort of the handpiece to hold, that it is low heat, interested to see how long a charge lasts and the PRICE. Most single owner businesses struggle to invest £150 plus for a nail drill but still want a reliable and efficient machine.

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