Merry Christmas | Share your Christmas Plan and WIN

Merry Christmas | Share your Christmas Plan and WIN

christmas nail lamp testing giveaway

Hi, MelodySusie fans!

Christmas is right around the corner. Do you have any plans with your family member or bestie? Did you miss our Testing Program? Yup, here we come! Share with us by writing your Christmas special plan in the comments below. We’ll draw 2 winners randomly to test our fabulous new release. The winners will be announced on December 11th 2018.

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The December testing product is the new release of this season – Pro36W Rainbow LED/UV Nail Lamp.

Go ahead guys! It’s time to celebrate. See you in the comments, and Merry Christmas!


  1. How to Enter: Leave a comment with your Christmas Plan below this blog article. (You need to submit your comment with your email and name)
  2. Application Time: December 2nd – December 10th 2018 11:59 EST 
  3. Announcement: We’ll chose 2 testers through blog article and contact by email on December 11th. If you haven’t provided the shipping info within 3 business days once we contacted you, we’ll not ship the products to you.
  4. Testers Required: 2
  5. Eligibility for Application: 18+, US only.
  6. Review Requirements: You need to send us a link with your review within 2 weeks once you have received the product. If you haven’t sent a link after two weeks you will not be allowed to enter the future testing programs.
  7. How to Share: You can share the review on your own Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, etc.).
  8. Melodysusie reserves the right of final explanation.

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Angela Franks

Angela Franks

Unfortunately I don’t have any plans for Christmas because I don’t have any family where I am my mother and grandmother have passed away and my father I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to so during the Christmas holiday I always remember the reason for the season it’s better to give than it is to receive and I share my love with everyone I can

Nancy G

Nancy G

I’m so excited for Christmas my husband and I will be spending time with family and friends, eating good food, and celebrating our daughter’s 5th birthday she’s a lucky girl who got to be born only two days after Christmas can you say double presents!!!

Milagros Mendez

Milagros Mendez

This year I will be spending my xmas with a couple of family members and cooking plenty of food. My year has not been the best but it is a day of celebration and hopes for a better next year.

Daisy Grancheth

Daisy Grancheth

This year I will finally spend it with my family. I lived out of state for 3 years and my holidays were always bittersweet. But this year is way different. I’m so excited for Christmas that I already have almost all gifts.

Ruby Calvillo-Reyes

Ruby Calvillo-Reyes

Personally, the holidays (Christmas to be exact) is always a hard and bittersweet time for me and all of my family, both maternal & paternal sides of the family, due to many losses/deaths within the families during December throughout the last 10yrs. So we, as a WHOLE FAMILY just embrace that we’re here and have thee BIGGEST get-togethers <3 Although it’s hard and sometimes we feel guilty for having fun, we try our best to celebrate the fact that we STILL have each other.

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