4 Summer Nail Looks to Try ASAP

4 Summer Nail Looks to Try ASAP

Summer is officially here! Have you got the nail inspo on summer? Maybe…not yet. Ahead, I highly recommend 4 nail art ideas ranging from vintage to modern.


1. Bridal Bouquet

Can’t wait to say “Yes, I do”? Summer absolutely is a wedding season. Of course your nails are the one of the major details you can’t ignore. You may think just opt for the nude shade on your big day, but add more fun on your nails are the best way to show your personal style.

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Actually, you don’t need to do more complicated. Just keep nails simple with the combination of a nude-and-white color and the florals. It will be perfect to match your wedding dress on your big day.

Try out MelodySusie wedding-look polish color.

nail art, nail design, fashion, beauty, bridal, modern, vintage, summer

                                    Nail artist made florals design with MelodySusie gel polish

                                               Image - IG/@nailartbyfrida


2. Fruit Collection

What’s your plan on lazy summer weekend? Nothing? Take time to create this nail look – Let your nails are filled with the tasty fruits. Strawberry, Lemon, Cherry or some Fruit Slices? Whatever, fresh look is the must-have summer trend.

nail art, nail design, fruit, nail polish, colorful, tasty, cute, adorable, fashion, trend,style

                                                   Image – YT/@cutepolish

 “Wanna bites a strawberry?” Invest in MelodySusie pink shade.

strawberry, fruit, nail polish, nail art, nail design, cute, fashion, style, trend, summer

                                     Our member created her cute "strawberry" design                                                                                                Image - IG/@moorenailinfo


3. Tropical Sunset

Frankly, I’m really a sunset lover! Cuz by witnessing the beauty of the sunset, I can slow down my time. You know that feeling? Amazing! Imagine that taking the time to stare at the color-soaked sky, regaining the power to inspire myself. So making a gradient “sunset“ nail look is a free way to infuse some surprise into your regular life.

nail art, nail design, sunset, summer, fashion, style, trend, nail polish,beauty

                                                     Image – IG/@sensationails4u    

 Create yours with MelodySusie asap.

nail art, nail design, summer, sunset, fashion, style, nail polish, beauty

                                            “Sunset” design by our lovely member               

                                                       Image - IG/@leftarrow3


4. Chic Checks

Despite the time of the year, checkered nail domains the trendy and modern look. The iconic Burberry checks must be the symbol. Free to combine the colors and make them look bright, fresh. Checks design is not only the classic mani, but also the unique one. That means you can add some personal element to those bare nails, such as glitter, graphic pattern. This versatile look is perfect for summer.

Together with MelodySusie to achieve the chic style now.

check, nail art, nail design, manicure, beauty, fashion, style, trend, nail polish, summer

                                                  Image – IG/@nailsbydaniellet

Pick the funky nail design and color your summer right now!


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Cover Image Source - Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash 






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 Kulpreet Chahal

Kulpreet Chahal

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Prefer the Sunset one…❤️❤️



Best fave nail design!

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