Personal information
4.What's your manicure skill level?
5.What form of content do you produce? (Check all that apply)
6.Do you post your own content? If so, where? (Check all that apply)
7.Are you a Product Tester for other Brands? If so please list them below.
8.If you are going to join MelodySusie’s Let’s Testing program, please describe how you plan to test our products and produce test results.
9.What MelodySusie products do you currently own? (If you do not own any MelodySusie product currently please answer ‘No’ and the same answer for questions 10 and 11)
10.About how many times per week do you use your MelodySusie products?
11.Tell us about your favorite MelodySusie product and why it's your favorite.
12.Are you currently a member of any of the following MelodySusie Communities?
13.Where did you know about the Let's Testing program?
14.Anything else you think we should know?
15. I have, to the best of my knowledge, answered the above questions truthfully. Any inconsistencies, upon verification, will be grounds for removal from the Let's Testing program.
16.If I am selected, I agree to cooperate with MelodySusie to receive products and offer honest feedback or output links. MelodySusie reserves the right to use, edit, and repost my submitted content.
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