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What is Let’s Testing?

Let’s Testing is a program to provide free testing products for MelodySusie’s members or those who haven’t purchased from us. As long as you like our brand/products and love to share using experience, you have a chance to become a tester. Basically, we offer free product samples, and you test and review them. You can create videos and share them on YouTube or Instagram, or share words & pictures on other social media, or write blogs on professional website. Before participating in this program, please read the following carefully:

How to enter?
  1. Read our rules carefully.
  2. Find and enter the testing product page that you’d like to apply.
  3. Look through the page content.
  4. Click ‘APPLY TO TEST’ button.
  5. Fill in the application, and wait for the tester announcement.
Selection Criteria

Applicants will be prioritized if you can meet the following criteria as much as possible:

  1. Complete the application form and provide the more detailed information the better.
  2. Be specific in your testing plan (include how to review products creatively, which platforms will be displayed, and when the review will be uploaded. Relevant information needs to be filled in the form in detail in order to increase the success rate.
  3. Review on time and send the sharing link back to us in the form of email.
  4. Failure to submit the review link on time will result in disqualification from future Let’s Testing programs.
  5. You can apply for multiple product testings at the same time, but you will be chosen for only one product at one time.
Tester Announcement

We’ll announce testers on the corresponding product testing page. Selected testers will receive our official emails to confirm participation and providing shipping information. In addition, you can also reply to our emails to feedback your review link.

Sample Delivery

Sample will be sent out to selected testers as soon as they reply to our email confirming their participation and submitting their shipping address. normally, it will not exceed two weeks after the tester announcement. Under special circumstances, we will get in touch with you and inform you of the reason for the delay.

Review Submission
  1. If you are selected as a tester, you will not be able to sign up for other ongoing testings until you finish the review submission process.
  2. You need to complete the review and send the link back to us within two weeks (we suggest that you reply to our email directly to saving your time).
  3. Your sharing platforms will not be restricted, you could share your review on social media (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.), blogs, forums, professional websites, etc.
  4. If you share your review on social media, don’t forget to mention our official account:

    Facebook @MelodySusieOfficial
    Instagram @melodysusie_official
    YouTube /MelodySusieOfficial

  5. Once you have submitted your review, MelodySusie reserves the right to use, edit, and repost your submitted content.
  6. Once your content is rated as high-quality review, your success rate will increase in future applications.
Other Rules
  • Your information will only be used as activity participation and will be kept absolutely confidential.
  • MelodySusie reserves the right of final explanation.


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