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VIOLETIEL 24WLED Lamp Nail Dry...


VIOLETIEL 24WLED Lamp Nail Dryer - White

High-efficiency LED bulbs cure all brands of LED gel polish.

Lightweight and portable with a compact, sleek design.

Wide opening to fit entire hand.

LEDs have 30,000+-hour lifespan and never need replacing.

3 pre-set time settings (15/30/60 seconds).

Ideal for both personal and professional salon use.


  • White
  • Black
  • Silver

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  • By Gadgety Girl
  • 2016-11-24

Excellent quality, fantastic sturdy light-weight design and is a delight to use for newbies and qua

I have been using gel lamps since 1989 when I first qualified so Ive used a few, ok alot.
The design factors to this lamp are so clever, you have a gorgeous wide front to allow your whole hand inside...and feet of course without the need to remove the base.
Inside you have thumb base dips...yep I said thumbs too, you can cure a WHOLE hand at once; even with your thumbs on their side it cures fast with no gel droop as I call it.
Its hard to see; but if you look and feel carefully you can see/feel the ridge and a slight oval dip in the middle but at the back. So you know to stop before touching the back or sides of the lamp..smudging your really is a game changer with just these dips included into the design!

Its such a gorgeous lamp to work with and if you are a mobile tech this is perfect as its super sturdy and well built, the LED's and embedded into the unit giving them alot of protection while on the move (especially with my driving lol).
I have to say too that the 180 degree angle is genius, no more contorting your hand to get your nails under the lamp LEDs correctly.
To top it all, this lamp has cut my curing time on both UV gel extensions and polish by over half; Im so in love; plus its such a pleasure to use, the violet LEDs are so relaxing and magnetizing to watch at the same-time.
Video and more detailed review below;
Excellent quality, fantastic sturdy light-weight design and is a delight to use for newbies and qualified techs alike and I love it!

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