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VIOLETIEL 24WLED Lamp Nail Dry...


VIOLETIEL 24WLED Lamp Nail Dryer - Silver

High-efficiency LED bulbs cure all brands of LED gel polish.

Lightweight and portable with a compact, sleek design.

Wide opening to fit entire hand.

LEDs have 30,000+-hour lifespan and never need replacing.

3 pre-set time settings (15/30/60 seconds).

Ideal for both personal and professional salon use.


  • Black
  • Silver
  • White

US$ 39.99




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  • By Joanna
  • 2015-03-25

Lots of bang for your buck!

I got mine from amazon cause I have the Prime membership and needed it over night. So far it's perfect! The only flaw I can think of is the inside of the lamp is not mirrored.....but I suppose if there are enough bulbs and they are placed well enough then there is no need for that?? I have used Gelish/RCM, LeChat, INK, Gel II, Kiara Sky, and IBD all with this lamp so far and no issues. I like how compact it is. Beep on/off are quick and not loud at all. Timers of 15-30-60 seconds are perfect. I have a "no wipe" top coat that is 60 sec cure. Chickettes (the gel blogger) has a video review up too.

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