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Long Black Straight Wig-MS503


Long Black Straight Wig-MS503

High quality: Made of imported South Korea lustrous synthetic fiber, which is very suitable for long term use.

Adjustable size: There are two adjustment straps inside the wig, which can be intertwined to a fixed position to suit different head sizes.

Daily & Cosplay Use: Very stylish design with natural pretty looking and soft touch. You can wear it to parties or for daily use.

Package included: 1x MelodySusie wig + 1x MelodySusie wig comb + 1x MelodySusie wig cap.

Amazon EAN:6951300472704


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  • By Technicolor
  • 2016-08-29

Awesome product.

This wig is a pleasant surprise. I have been burned ordering cheaper wigs in the past but I needed one quickly for a costume. This one arrived quickly. It was boxed with a wig cap and a wig comb which was amazing. The wig feels great too, maybe a tad big for my head but that's nothing that a few extra bobbypins won't fix. I've been cosplaying as character for almost a decade now and I can honestly say I am very impressed with this wig.

  • By Carrie
  • 2016-08-25

but after having some help they were perfect. The color of the wig gives it a ...

Sure the bangs were too long, but after having some help they were perfect. The color of the wig gives it a very natural sheen and the thickness is about the same as my natural hair. Definitely worth it!

  • By AyJay
  • 2016-08-18

Reviewed; GLW 054...

I've been dying my hair for over half of my life; black, blonde, 50 shades of brown, purple, red, blue, and pink. Been there, done that. Then there's the many dodgy haircuts, perms, and heated styling tools... Well, I've now reached the point where my hair is all "noooooooooo. Stop. No more" and is a frizzy mess, that I have to keep on getting cut into a bob because it mattes up and falls out when any longer. So what is a girl to do when she is unable to leave her hair alone, but her hair is now rebelling? Wigs. Yes, wigs.I'd put off trying a wig for the longest time; I thought they'ed be hard to put on and just look fake, not to mention the cost of wig cleaning products, but I'm thrilled to say that I was wrong - my sister even thought that I'd permed my hair again the first time she saw me wearing this wig. The MelodySusie wigs come with a wig cap [this covers your real hair, so you naturally put it on before the wig] and a special comb, to keep the wig detangled and neat. I did think that getting all of my real hair tucked up into the cap would be the hardest bit, and I admit that it was tricky at first and I would have to put it on and take it off a few times to retuck my hair, but after doing it a few times it becomes easy to do. The style of wig I have has a fringe, so after I put the wig on I have to spend a few minutes pushing and rotating the wig around my scalp until I get the best placement for my headshape, but again it all becomes quicker the more times that you apply the wig. Using the supplied comb is enough to keep the wig neat for day-to-day wear, but every 30 or so wears it is recommended to give it a clean; step by step instructions on how to clean the wig come with them. I buy cleaner here separately.What can I say? It's easier and cheaper than I thought it would be to use wigs. And now I know just how easy it is to play with my looks without the commitment and damage to my hair, I'm definitely going to buy more. I'm thinking that I want to revisit my raven-locked days...

  • By Erica Brown
  • 2016-08-17

Great product for a great price!

I decided to get a wig because I cut my hair short to grow the dye out faster. I wanted something that I could wear most of the day. The wig came in great shape. It comes with a comb and is really easy to comb out tangles. It's not too shiny. I'm 5'5" and the longest piece came down to my butt. After doing some online research I thought this would be like a one time costume wig, but I figured for $20 I'd give a try. When I took it to my hair dresser to cut she was surprised that was such good quality but so cheap. I will definitely buy more from this company. And I recommend anyone that is new to wigs to try this one before spending $50-$100 on a high quality one.

  • By Mariah White
  • 2016-08-15

Thin hair.

The hair on this wig is quite thin and I can see the to the cap.

  • By Amazon Customer
  • 2016-08-07

Definitely worth the $$$

This was a great buy was able to use this wig for about a month every weekend. Definitely worth the price I paid for it!

  • By Courtney
  • 2016-08-03

Ok for the price. More for fun not every day.

So I got the wig and opened it immediately. I put it on. Lol the bangs. They look so weird. Maybe If I had some type of head band or something but omg the bangs do not look natural so if that is what your going for... Lol. Cute wig for the price but what else do you expect getting something so cheap. Cute for playing around but not everyday wear. Fits pretty well on my head, I got the long day brown and it just makes me laugh. It's a fun wig just for fun.

  • By Derril Shiflet
  • 2016-08-01

Love it looks real

Love it looks real . Only one bad thing it needs more hair on top :( but i love it I wear a hat and look fabulous lol

  • By Kris
  • 2016-07-31

Love the company and packaging

Shorter and more frizzy than what I expected, but the quality is good. The packaging was adorable though and the reason I bumped my review to 4 stars! Will buy from this company again, but in the future I will purchase longer versions, especially if there is curl or wave to the piece.

  • By Wolf
  • 2016-07-29

Value for Money

Feels like a silky long hair. This wig has thin fiber which feels like a real hair. It is a value for money l.

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