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Timeless Muse 1-Step Gel Collection

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•6 eternally classic nude gel polish colors.

•Non-toxic; 5-free and cruelty-free.

•Won’t damage nails; minimal odor.

•Long lasting gel polish, won’t chip for up to 14 days!

•Easy to remove, soaks off completely in only 10-15 minutes.

•Cures quickly under an LED lamp for 30 seconds or a UV lamp for 2 minutes.

How to use+

1. Clean and trim nails as needed for effective gel adhesion.
2. Apply a thin layer and cure under an LED or UV nail drying lamp.
3. Base/top coat are optional. Apply extra gel layers for a darker color.
4. If nails feel tacky, wipe with alcohol or a gentle cleanser after curing.


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Specification -


Natural Ingredients

  • Pure Water

  • Plant Paste

  • Resin


SIX colors

  • Free of the 5 most common chemicals in nail polish
  • Compatible with UV or LED nail dryers
  • 2 weeks of high performance wear
  • Cruelty-free, all-natural formula

Everything Starts With Pink

  • Pink Rouge

    Sophisticated enough for a woman,playful enough for a irl

  • Light Peach

    Stand out, even as you fit in

  • Warm Taupe

    Versatile yet vivacious

  • Bordeaux

    If you can’t go to Bordeaux, bring Bordeaux to you

  • Beige

    The perfect pair for almost every color

  • Caramel Brown

    Muted without being dull,elegant without being arrogant


MelodySusie - Bring Your Beauty Salon Home !
NEW from MelodySusie Timeless Muse nail gel in six beautiful colors to be used with our bestselling quick-dry nail lamp. Save on bundle purchases!
About MelodySusie® Timeless Muse 1-Step Nail Gel
Find inspiration everlasting with MelodySusie’s Timeless Muse 1-Step Nail Gel. Six amaranthine nude colors that pair with a variety of skin tones, carefully chosen from thousands of popular shades. Ageless, dauntless, and flawless. Dress them up for dramatic ensembles or dress them down for carefree looks. When used with an LED or UV nail drying lamp, you can achieve salon-quality manicures that last for weeks, not days.
Pink Rouge -Pink Rouge strikes a unique balance that allows it to be dressed up or dressed down as you please.
Light Peach - Light Peach is a subtle shade that blends in smoothly while still looking gorgeous.
Warm Taupe: - A color fit for a variety of ensembles and skin tones. It’s the easiest way to look like you know what you’re doing without really trying.
Bordeaux - This shade evokes wine country scenes of sprawling vineyards, luscious grapes, and shockingly expensive bottles of red.
Beige - Who says beige has to be boring? Pair this with more vibrant piece to create a stunning contrast that looks darling, not drab.
Caramel Brown - Caramel Brown is a handsome, down-to-earth shade that adds a warm touch to a wide range of looks.

Reviews -
Average Rating: 4.4
  • By Jessica
  • 2018-04-12

Love this set.

I liked the colors although the color of the nail polish and the color on the stickers don't match. Nail polish last 1 to 2 weeks and that's good enough for me.

  • By Manner
  • 2018-03-26

Excellent nail polish


  • By DisNewAddiction
  • 2018-03-23

Beautiful colors. A bit different then the picture but ...

Beautiful colors. A bit different then the picture but thats always the case. I used 4 coats to make it look perfect.

  • By Suz
  • 2018-02-25

colors come in same color bottles so easy for them to mix up as mine came with wrong colors

Im disappointed because i didn't get the colors that were shown on the webpage, i got 2 of the same color one bright red and the ones i did get are brighter than shown and wouldn't use except for one of them. so bit of a waste of $ for me. not worth shipping back,came in a box with lamp, which works fine, 2nd day of use with color i can use and with 3 coats it looks so so, still a bit steaky, i liked the set coz they are lighter colors except the one burgundy one, so i would have used 5 for sure. now i can't use maybe 2 but don't care much for 2nd one.

  • By Chantal DePriest
  • 2017-12-27

Love the neutrals. Good set.

These are beautiful on the nails. I'm fair in completion and these all are stunning in a subtle way. They have the same staying power as the other sets from this brand I have. I get a solid two weeks even longer if I use separate top and base coats. Love these and would recommend to anyone who wants a set that are subtle and work place appropriate if you have rules on nail color.

  • By Amazon Customer
  • 2017-05-15

Three Stars

Chips fairly easy. Pretty colors!

  • By Robin
  • 2017-05-02

Smooth Glide

Very nice color assortment. Love how it glides on.

  • By Jewelme
  • 2017-04-28

Four Stars

I love it but it^s missing a dryer.

  • By CFab
  • 2017-03-30

Four Stars

It^s alright

  • By Mary G.
  • 2017-03-21

Four Stars

as described AS DESCRIBED LOVE IT!

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Q&A +
+Do you have to use a specific brand on gel polish for the lamp to work properly?
  • We always cure this gel polish with our MelodySusie Pro 48W. It really really works well on this item.

+ Will people feel hot when curing with a led or uv nail dryer?
  • Generally speaking, it will be a little hot but not too hot.

+Do u need a top coat and base coat for this 1-step gel polish
  • Dear Customer,
    Greetings from MelodySusie. This new gel polish is 1-step gel polish. That means you didn't need to apply base coat before painting your nails. The gel colors can be dried completely. You don't need to apply a layer of top coat,too. But if you want to keep the color on your nails longer. You also can add a layer of top coat. Any questions else, please feel free to contact us.
    Best Regards
    MelodySusie Direct

+How long it stays on?
  • I polished my nails 4 weeks ago and they still look good! I had to buy the other set, I am so impressed with this polish!

+Would the gel too thick or too watery?
  • The gel gets thick in the bottle, but a few drops of nail polish remover fixes it. It does not affect the the way the polish wears. Mine stays on for around 3 weeks.

+what is the best remover to use? The polish went on smoothly, and looked beautiful, but after soaking for more than 45 min I still couldn't remove it!
  • Hi,,
    I use regular nail polish with foil wrapped on each nail and it melts off!! Try that and it will work??

+Can I use it with a cnd or gellish base and/or topcoat?
  • Probably I use it with another company's base and top coat.

+Will these polishes work with a nail stamper?
  • I used them as a base and used other kind of nail polish with the stamper and then a clear one to seal it with the UV lamp.

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