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6W Violetilac LED Nail Lamp - ...


6W Violetilac LED Nail Lamp - White

Lightweight and powerful; cures in half the time of average 6W nail lamps.

Eliminates noise by keeping cool without a fan.

Easy to use, with only a single button and a built-in timer of 45 to 60 seconds.

Miniature, compact design is portable and perfect for travel.

12-month, no-hassle limited warranty.


  • 6W LED White
  • 6W LED Black

US$ 9.99



MelodySusie - Bring Your Beauty Salon Home!
Violetilac Nail Dryer - Bring a Professional Manicurist Home!

Product Highlights:
The MelodySusie Violetilac MINI Pro6W LED Lamp Nail Dryer is designed to efficiently cure most kinds of LED gel polishes, especially the Gelish Soak-off Gel and other products from the Gelish MINI System for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks. The safe and reliable dryer can efficiently cure your gel polish in 45 seconds.

Please Note Before You Purchase:
1. Please make sure your gel polish works with this product. If not compatible, gel will not get dried and might start peeling and cracking. This product works for all brands of LED gel polishes.
2. It is normal for gel polish to remain slightly sticky after curing. Simply wipe off the residue with cleanser to get a dryer and smoother surface.
3. The opening width is approx. 9.5/3.74cm. Please checks if the size fits your hand.
4. Press the on/off button until the LED light turns on. Generally it takes around 1 to 3 seconds.

Product Details:
Input:100-240V AC 50/60HZ
Opening size: Width 9.5/3.7cm Height3.8/1.5cm
Color: Black

Package Includes:
1 * MelodySusie Violetilac MINI 6W LED Lamp Nail Dryer
1 * Power Supply
1 * User Manual

* Only buy it from MelodySusie to get authentic quality product and to qualify for full after-sale service.


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  • By Laura Kiper
  • 2014-03-11

does the job!

As a cosmetologist I needed an inexpensive light to use at home with my OPI gel colors. This light worked just as expected and got the job done just fine... It is easy to travel with because its so small.. It didnt bother me that I had to cure my thumbs separately.

  • By emily
  • 2013-05-13

Perfect for Gelish and Perfect size to store

This is the perfect little LED lamp to cure your Gelish polish... I've been using it to cure my gelish on my toes but I've ordered a 18w LED lamp that will cure my entire hand at once to do my hands... but this one will be perfect to travel and take with me... does a perfect job in 45s ..

  • By Chandler
  • 2013-02-16

Cures gel polish...lasts about 3 weeks!

If you haven't found gel nail polish, you are back in nail polish stone ages. Gel polish doesn't crack or chip even when you are rough on your polish. The only drawback is that it is typically only applied at a salon because you need a special light to "cure" the polish.

This is how it works. Apply a coat and put it under the light. It is set on auto-timer for 45 seconds. It will fit your whole foot under if you are doing your feet but you wouldn't want your whole hand under unless you wanna tan your hand. :-) You'll need to do your fingers then the thumbs separately.

Then you apply another coat and so on. You need to know that polish does not fully cure under the light, even in the salon. It does take some air time to cure as well so that should be expected.

The good news is that you can now use gel polish at home. It is more gentle on your nails, but it outlasts normal polish by miles. You should be careful not to put very thick coats on as the polish will kind of lay on your nails rather than fully cure. Apply thin coats.

What is great about this light is that it allows you to travel with your gel polish as well.

This dryer was supplied to me at the request for honest feedback on the product, good or bad.

  • By Emily Achterberg
  • 2013-01-21

Great lamp for a great price

I used the MelodySusie lamp with the Gelish gel polish and it worked great! If you leave the lamp sitting on a flat surface, it is difficult to put your entire hand under, making sure that each nail has cured. I did one hand where I did the thumb separately, and one hand where I picked up the lamp and held it over my other hand (all five fingers cured just fine.) Either way is fine, it's just what you prefer. Doing the thumb separate took an extra 30 seconds or so per coat. Doing all five fingers together works, however I learned the hard way that if you don't keep the thumb flat (if you pick up your hand to paint the other nails like I do), the paint gathers at the cuticle, which in turn will peel if you cure it on the cuticle. I love the fact that the lamp has a timer. I did my nails while watching TV and was done before I knew it. No dry time. Love!

  • By Rachel
  • 2012-12-31

Super Fast Manicure

I recently started using Gelish at home, after having it done professionally once. I didn't want to invest a ton of money up front in case I didn't like doing it at home, so I first bought a cheap UV lamp. It works fine, but this LED light is so much faster! I do have to cure my thumbs separate from my fingers, but it still save so much time vs. the UV that I don't care. It seemed that I was having to do two 2 minute UV cycles for the final 2 coats, whereas I've never had to cure any coat for longer than 45 seconds with the LED. This lamp costs about 2x what I paid for the UV, but is absolutely worth it (and this one is a lot cheaper than most of the LED lamps I found). I wish I'd have purchased this first. I really like the 45 second auto shutoff.
Update: I decided I wanted to be able to cure my whole hand at once, and that the rather painful price was worth it (it really is) so I got the full size purple LED lamp also by MelodySusie. However, I'm keeping this one for traveling. On a recent vacation it was nice to be able to quickly fix a nail that lifted. The base coat, top coat, and color polish fit in my airplane plastic bag and rubbing alcohol can be found anywhere.

  • By Stacie L. V. Davis
  • 2012-12-20

Small but effective

It's a very small drier. Believe it when it says Super Mini. You cannot fit your whole had under it. That being said, it wells extremely well and cures my gelish nails!

  • By kathiny
  • 2012-10-09

Really awesome!

I used this M.S mini led nail dryer in my best friend home. It's really awesome so I bought it then I can do my nail whenever I want! It's really small, lightweight and stylish, most important it dry very fast! I use it with Gelish polish and then it shine! The only disadvantage just like other people mentioned in a review is that you can't do your fingers and thumb at the same time if you have big hands, but it really doesn't bother me. I think it can fit most of hands according my experience. I REALLY LIKE this nail dryer!! :)

  • By vivi
  • 2012-10-04

I know it's mini but shouldn't the whole hand still fit under the light?

I like how small it is but it still should be big enough to fit the whole hand in including the thumb without trying to contort my hand to make it fit. That's my only complaint so just keep that in mind when ordering if you have big hands it may not work.

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