Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner

  • Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Cleaner

Apple Makeup Brush Cleaner



•Unique design with great function - Unique apple shape design to make a special looking. The width of the opening is 2.76 inches, which is perfect for four fingers to fit in easily and hold the brush cleaner tightly.

•Special silicon texture design - There are four silicon texture designed at the back of the makeup brush cleaner: right hand side design for washing and swirling, left hand side design for deep cleaning and refining.

•Compact size & light weight - Size: 3.94 * 0.98 * 4.02 inches in Length * Width * Height. Weight: 0.17lb. A compact makeup beauty tool when traveling and a great choice as a gift for family and friends.

•12 Months warranty Coverage - All MelodySusie® Makeup brush cleaners are covered by warranty for 12 months. We will work hard to put a smile back on your face whenever you have any inquiries.


EAN: 6956763225171

  • ※ MelodySusie New Arrival Makeup Brush Cleaner Series 
    -- MelodySusie® High Quality Silicon Makeup Brush Cleaner / Adorable Apple Shape Brush Egg for Makeup Brushes - Beautiple

    ※ Product Highlights: 
    MelodySusie® High Quality Silicon Makeup Brush Cleaner / Adorable Apple Shape Brush Egg for Makeup Brushes - Beautiple is designed with super soft silicone to clean makeup brushes of different sizes. It is of great use for those who wear makeup very often to clean their makeup brushes more conveniently and no longer feel worries about bacterium buildup.

    ※ Product Structure Instruction:

    ▶ Upper right side of the back for washing eye brushes
    ▶ Lower right corner of the back for washing facial brushes
    ▶ Lower left side for removing makeup residue
    ▶ Upper left corner for deep refine

    ※ Product Basic Information: 
    ♦ Material: High quality, durable and non-toxic silicone
    ♦ Dimension: 3.94 * 0.98 * 4.02 inches (L * W * H)
    ♦ Length of the opening: 2.76 inches / 7cm
    ♦ Weight: 0.7lb. / 77g
    ♦ Color: Baby Pink

    ※ Product Included: 
    1 * MelodySusie Apple Shape Makeup Brush Cleaner
    1 * MelodySusie User Manual

    ※ Warranty: 
    At MelodySusie, we guarantee product quality as we have highest standards of quality testing. That's also why we promise full 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support at any time.

    Still don't know how to make your makeup brushes much cleaner? Just Click "Add to Cart" button to pick MelodySusie Makeup Brush Beautiple home and you will find out the amazing answer! ❤

  • Step 1: Wet your makeup brushes with warm water. Make sure that the bristles face downward, to avoid water getting into the brush handle.
    Step 2: Add some cleanser to the bristles and swirl the brush on the cleaning board.
    Step 3: remove the soap under running water and squeeze the brush head to remove excess water.

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  • Are these free from harsh chemicals?

    There's no chemicals unless you are using a chemical to clean your brushes. This is just a rubber thing with a rough surface that cleans the brushes. 

  • How does this item work for makeup brush cleaning?

    You put the cleaning agent on the brush and swirl the wet makeup brush on the textured surface of the pink thing. I wet my brushes and either swish the brush over castille soap or Zote (bar soap in laundry aisle). I hold the device in the sink with gently running tepid water. You will see the makeup come off the brush immediately. I then rinse the brush fibers and the device and move on to the next brush. This also keeps water from getting under the metal collar better than other methods

  • Do the 4 patterns work great?

    Yes these 4 patterns work great. This cleaning brush does its job must have. 

  • Does anything ship to Orillia ON?

    Thanks for your question. We ship our products from Canada, so please feel free to place orders on our store, Orillia ON is available.
    Thank you!