36W Violeteer UV Nail Lamp

  • 36W Violeteer UV Nail Lamp
  • 36W Violeteer UV Nail Lamp
  • 36W Violeteer UV Nail Lamp
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • 36W Violeteer UV Nail Lamp
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • 36W Violeteer UV Nail Lamp
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • UV Nail Lamp
  • 36W Violeteer UV Nail Lamp

36W Violeteer UV Nail Lamp



  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: 36W Professional UV curing lamp is built-in 4*9W UV light bulbs and 1 extra bulb for your replacement which cures your gel nail polish quickly. Please read the user manual carefully before you use the nail dryer.
  • SUPER COMPATIBLE with all kinds of UV gel polishes. You can also use this UV nail dryer to cure UV gel nail polish. This is UV nail lamp, wearing anti-UV gloves or other protection is recommended.
  • QUICK DRYING: Powerful PL UVA cures your nails faster and safer with salon quality. Shorten your drying time by 50% but not cause your nails overheat. You can wear MelodySusie UV Shield Glove to protect your hands from UV light (gloves not included).
  • EASY OPERATION: This nail lamp have three timer setting (120s, 180s, 30min). Turn the device on, and choose the appropriate time. Your gel polish will be cured in minutes for gorgeous, lasting nail color.
  • 6 months quality warranty and 30 days money back policy. This nail lamp can only use in 110V. And its plug is US plug. So if you use this nail dryer in other countries or areas without a transformer, the nail dryer will burn.


  • Product Details:

    • Color: White or Black
    • Auto timer control: 120s, 180s, 30min
    • Material: ABS
    • 4*9W 365nm UV light tubes
    • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 8.3 x 3.9 inches; 2.2 pounds
  • How to Use:

    1. Apply your gel polish according to its usage instructions.
    2. Use the appropriate auto-timed setting (per your gel polish's requirements). The lamp will automatically shut off after the listed time.
    3. For best results, avoid moving your hand too much until curing is complete. Wearing anti-UV gloves or other protection is recommended.
    4. Please note that curing requirements vary based on gel polish brand. The Violeteer is designed for UV gel polishes. It can also cure LED gels, though the time required may be longer. Ensure that your polish is compatible before purchase.
    5. If gel polish is a bit tacky after drying, wipe your nails with a gentle cleanser. Enjoy beautiful, long-lasting gel color!

    Trouble Shooting Steps:

    1. The plastic piece is supposed to hold the lights in place intransit.
    2. UV Bulbs are suggested to be replaced every 3-5 months for better performance.
    3. Please tell the seller immediately if the bulbs were broken during the transportation.

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  • I found that this naildryer is much cheaper than other suppliers\' price on the market, they seem to be the same product? So confused, why?

    Dear Lena, this is Laura from MelodySusie.
    We should say that we are the manufacture, we design and produce all our nail dryers. So we can provide customers the same products but with lower price and higher quality, and also, with longer-term warranty.
    Best regards,

  • What is the wavelength of the bulbs?

    Thank you so much for your inquiry! This UV light emits 350-380nm wave length to cure UV gel polish which have 350-380nm photoinitiator. 

  • Does this nail dryer need to replace the uv bulbs like other traditional uv lamps?

    No need, but you can replace the bulbs if you'd like to. 

  • Is using the gloves a must? Just wondering how I would do my toes if you had to use the gloves

    No. I never used the gloves and I was able to do my toes just fine. 

  • do this item dry the builder gel?

    Yes it does 

  • Does this item have a UL power certification?

    Hi there, sorry that this 36w UV nail lamp doesn't have a UL power certificate, but it has CE and RoHS certificates. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks :)

  • Do you sell replacement tubes ? I don’t need any at this time I, just like to know for when the time comes Thank you :-)

    Hi, we do sell the replacement tubes for 36W UV Nail Lamp, pls check out the product for more details: 9W UV Lamp Tube for UV Nail Lamp, which is compatible with 9W, 36W, and 54W UV nail lamps.

  • What are the dimensions of the slide out tray

    The dimension is 9.4 x 8.3 x 3.9 inches.