It features six interchangeable bits(From left to right)

1. Needle Head: Polish nail edge.

2. Safety bit for cuticle work. Polish nail side edge.

3. Cone for under nails, cuticles, and sidewalls.

4. Small barrel for surface work.

5. Large barrel for surface work and shortening.

6. Mandrel + sanding bands for surface work, shortening, and removal.

Easy to operation

Step 1: Choose one grinding drill bit and insert it at the drill head.

Step 2: Press the Power button for 2 seconds to turn the machine on.

Step 3: Press“+” acceleration button to accelerate the rotation speed.

Step 4: Press“-” deceleration button to decelerate the rotation speed.

Step 5: Change the rotation direction of the grinding drill bit by pressing the Power button once if needed.

Step 6: After the polishing is finished, please press the Power button for 2 seconds to turn the machine off and take out the drill bit.

When using the nail drill, if you need to apply pressure, please kindly increase the speed through the speed control, which is on the power cord.

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