Variable Speed Control——30000RPM

The Speed control knob stands for RPM, which is reasonable and accurate. Scarlet offers multiple speed settings to allow you to customize the power for each task. Get one Scarlet, Do all your nail work.

0-15,000 RPM: allows you to use the drill mainly on natural nails.

15,000-25,000 allows you to use it for acrylic nails or both natural and acrylic nails.

25,000-30,000 allows you to do the more professional nail art work.

Humanized Design (hand and foot working mode)

It is equipped with a pedal, which allows you to control the drill with your foot. You can easily turn the drill on and off with the foot pedal. When you step on the pedal, the handpiece will stop to rotate. When you don't step on it, the handpiece will rotate.


Input voltage range: 100-240V/50-60Hz 0.6A

Output voltage: 24.0V 1.0A Power: 24W Dimension:4.72*3.58*3.62

Two Direction to Choose

To control the direction that the drill spins by pressing the F&R button.

This feature makes it easier for both right- and left-handed people to use the drill, and it’s extremely handy when you’re doing manicures on other people.

It may pause 2 seconds to protect the motor when changing the options.


* When connecting the handpiece, please align with the " ↓ " of the handpiece connector and the " ↓ " of the Handpiece jack correctly.

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