New Upgraded Smart LED Display

It will show the RPM and electricity. You can choose the desired speed when you do your nail art work. When the symbol flashes, it means that the drill needs to be charged.

Screen Protector: It will protect the LCD screen during transit. If there are scratches on it, it may because the protective film has not been torn off. You can tear it off according to your own needs.

Adjustable: Forward/ Reverse Button

Rechargeable-Max 30000 RPM

Long last operation up to 10 hours+ quick 2-2.5 hours full charge

Variable Speed Control:

1. 0-15,000 RPM: allows you to use the drill mainly on natural nails.

2. 15,000-25,000 allows you to use it for acrylic nails or both natural and acrylic nails.

3. 25,000-30,000 allows you to do the more professional nail art work.

Nail drill Self-protection mechanism

When there is an unnormal pressure, the handpiece will stop to rotate. In that case, please turn off the nail drill and adjust the speed to Min. Then, turn on the nail drill again.

Note for Using the Handpiece:

*Do not move central barrel during operation.

*Do not cover the ventilation holes on the handpiece, when using the device.

Suitable for a variety of nail art work

It is strong and exact enough for natural nails/acrylics/builder gel/dip powder nails as well as the old pet nails. Working well for nail buffing, filing the shape of various nails, such as square, round, squoval, oval, almond, stiletto, ballerina, lipstick, flare, edge, arrowhead, mountain peak and so on.

NOTE for Beginner: If you need to remove the gel polish of natural nails, try to use the nail polish remover pads to avoid damage to the nail bed with the improper operation.

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