1. Apply base coat gel then cure it 2 min via UV lamp or 30-60s via LED lamp

2. Pick up some extension gel and put it on dual form

3. Use the brush to dip a small amount of slip solution or alcohol, not too wet or too dry

4. Shape the gel by lightly patting it on the dual form

5. Gently apply the dual form from the cuticle to the whole nail

6. Press gently and remove the excess of gel with a half-dry brush popped off from the sidewall

7. Cure the surface of the nail extension for the 60s, and both sides for 30s

8. Remove the dual form

9. Wipe both 2 sides of the nail extension with the slip solution to remove the tacky layer

10. Shape the nail extension, file and smooth the nail surface lightly with the grift nail file

11. Apply top coat gel, curing for 2 min via UV lamp or 30-60s via LED lamp

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