Why you need a makeup brush cleaner

Makeup brushes are dirt magnets after use. If you don’t clean your brushes, you end up putting bacteria and other microbes on your skin every time you apply your makeup. Yuck! Brush heads are usually moist, providing an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of nasty things. With regular cleaning and maintenance, however, you can do your makeup confident that you are avoiding infections, breakouts, and skin irritation. As if those weren’t reasons enough to start a cleaning routine, there’s fact is that your makeup will simply not look as good when applied with dirty brushes.

Why you should choose the MelodySusie Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Cleaning your brushes need not be difficult. Our Makeup Brush Cleaner allows you to clean AND dry your brushes in seconds, and is made from safe, completely non-toxic materials.

Simply follow the quick, easy steps below to take your brushes from funky to fabulous in seconds:

1. Put some water and makeup cleaning soap into the bowl.

2. Choose a brush collar; insert your brush into the collar.

3. Insert the spindle into the handle.

4. Dunk the brush in the water.

5. Turn on the spinner, to clean.

6. Change the water and repeat if needed until brush is clean.

7. Spin the brush to dry it.

That’s it! A few easy steps and you’re on your way to cleaner, safer, and better-performing makeup brushes. Don’t wait, get yours today.

Package Includes

1 x Brush Spinner

1 x Brush Spinner Bowl

1 x Bowl Neck

8 x Flexible Brush Collars

1 x Collar Stand

1 x Spindle


This device is powered by 2xAAA batteries, which are not included.