USB Operated - 5V, 12A USB:

  • Mini portable size nail dryer has micro USB port and USB line prefect for your home, office, school, travel use.
  • USB line is included in the package which is 1 meter long to meet your need.

Batteries Operated - 4*AA Batteries:

  • When you use battery to operate the nail dryer, please use brand new battery. If the battery’s voltage is lower than 4V, the nail dryer will stop working, you need change battery for it.
  • If you stop using the nail lamp for long time, please remove the battery from it to extend battery’s life.(Batteries not included)

Mini Portable Size:

  • The nail lamp’ size is 13.3*10.4*5.9 cm (5.3*4.1*2.3 in).
  • Please checks if the size fits your hand.

Package Includes:

  • Input: USB: 5 V, 12 A AA battery: 6 V
  • Size: 13.3*10.4*5.9 cm (5.3*4.1*2.3 in)
  • Color: Black Marble Material: ABS
  • Package Includes:
  • 1 * Nail Lamp
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * Welcome Card

 Use Tips:

  • We recommend you to cure your thumb firstly, then cure your left 4 fingernails.
  • It is completely normal for gel polish to remain slightly sticky after curing.
  • Simply wipe off the residue with an alcohol cleanser (nail polish remover works fine) for a dry and smooth finish.

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