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Welcome to the MelodySusie Beauty Gallery

Here are some photos and comments shared by our sample recipients. Quality and customer satisfaction are MelodySusie's top priorities, and we hope that these messages reflect those values. If you are interested in receiving a free sample of our products, please apply here.


I LOVE this drill. No other product I own has made doing gel/acrylic nails easier at home. It's powerful and professional and comes with all the tips and sanders that will let you clean up your nails to a perfect look in mere minutes. It's also wonderful for removing gel colors. I am happy with the controls and had no trouble using it instinctively the first time I tried it. I'm not a pro but I do my own nails. learning as I go. This is a quality drill.

Angelica Marquez

Great coverage, used two coats to get desired shade. Easy to use, and no harsh smell. Cures fast in an led lamp.

Teri Wittig

Let me start with, WOW I was suprised. Aren't all lamps the same? No they are not! This lamp is smaller, sleeker and just as effective as my 48w (by another company). What really suprised me was the cure times were the same. I cured hard and soak off builder gels in 1 minute, even when sculpting! Most polishes took 1 minute or less. To say I'm impressed is an understatement. This is my new favorite, and will definitely be the one on my table from now on.

Heather Walsh

The colors are vibrant, so shiny, apply like butter and dry quickly under a lamp. I am very impressed and have had my nails painted for 9 days now with zero chipping or dulling. My hands are in Rouge and my toenails are done in Bordeaux. My ONLY complaint is the package they came in fell apart and is poorly constructed...but I’m not putting the packaging on my nails lol, so that’s small peanuts to me. The product itself is truly wonderful and has made me a polish customer for life. 12/10 ! If you’re considering a purchase of their polishes, go for it! You will be so thrilled that you did!

Kakez Kreation

Great nail drill, gel polishes and uv/led lamps I love love LOVE them its a great addition into my list of supplies that I use for my clients. I use them everyday


I love this lamp! I had a very small cheap 9W one before, and it would not cure UV gels, only LED-- this one does both! It is highly reflective inside so you don't have to turn your nails to make sure the light hits them. It turns on automatically when you put your hand in, and you can set it for 30, 60 or 90 seconds. It's also perfect to do toenails, since the light comes on automatically, you can just put it on the floor and stick your foot in, and it does its thing automatically. I am a beginner doing gel nails, but this has really upped my game-- it's faster, more convenient, and just feels more like 'quality' than my previous one. Never going back!

Melina Gutierrez

Lovely products to work with they are a must have and are priced extremely well. The 12w led lamp has cut my drying time in half it can fit your entire hand but i prefer to do my thumbs last. It is a space saver. The lux gel one step colors are awesome my favorite is the elegant magenta. the colors do not require a base or top coat that saves you not only time but product and they give you full color in two coats. I am a nail tech and mother of three teen girls that keep me busy and this product has lasted with out getting dull or chipping. mind you that in constantly working with monomer, acetone, and many other chemicals. So all in all I would recommend this product not only to the pro nail techs but to any nail fan!

Sharon Echeverria

Amazing product Want to collect rest of polish sets. So far got 2 sets