Pro60W LED/UV Nail Lamp

  • LED/UV Nail Lamp
  • LED/UV Nail Lamp
  • MelodySusie 60W UV LED Nail Lamp for All Gel Polish
  • MelodySusie 60W UV LED Nail Lamp for All Gel Polish
  • MelodySusie 60W UV LED Nail Lamp for All Gel Polish
  • Pro60W LED/UV Nail Lamp
  • Professional Nail Dryer Curing Lamp 4 Timer with Sensor
  • Professional Nail Dryer Curing Lamp 4 Timer with Sensor
  • Professional Nail Dryer Curing Lamp 4 Timer with Sensor

Pro60W LED/UV Nail Lamp



• Compatible with all kinds of LED and UV gel polish.

• 4 preset time controls of 15, 30, 45 & 60 seconds.

• Automatic light sensor means light turns off when the hand is removed from the lamp.

• Can be used for both manicure and pedicure.

• 6-month, no-hassle limited warranty.

• Note: The adaptor in US version.


  • Product Details: 
    • Color: black
    • Auto timer control: 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s
    • Input: 110V-240V
    • Material: ABS
    • 32pcs patented smart bulbs
    • Size: 240*235*95mm
  • 1. Apply your gel polish according to its usage instructions.

    2. Use the appropriate auto-timed setting, or simply insert your hand/foot and the lamp will automatically activate.

    3. As our nail lamp features a smart motion sensor, avoid removing your hand until curing is complete.

    4. Please note that curing requirements vary based on gel polish brand. Ensure that your polish is compatible before purchase.

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  • Hello I wanted to know if I can just buy the power cords to this gel dryer

    Hey yes you can buy on our website : 

  • does this lamp have a fan to keep it cool?

    Dear customer, it has heat-resistant chips for higher safety and reliability. And the low heat mode can cure your nails quickly but not causing any overheat. 

  • How can I extend my warranty? I saw on the card included in the box that if I register my lamp I can extend my warranty from 6 months to 12 months. However I can't seem to find where to register on the website. Thank you and I LOVE my new lamp!

    Hi, You can just create an account to get an extra 6-month warranty. Our system will record your information and you're required to show your account details when you need to use the warranty.  Enter:    Yours sincerely, MelodySusie Customer Care

  • What types of gel polishes are people using? I’ve tried a couple of gel brands and they don’t seem to be curing as quickly as what people in the reviews are saying. I’m wondering what specific brands people are using and how long they have to cure those specific brands.

    Hi, Thank you for asking.

    The curing requirements vary based on gel polish brand.

    For example, curing MelodySusie's any type of gel polish, this 60w nail lamp only needs 15s. But some particular brands may be different cause their range of photoinitiator is different from that of conventional photoinitiator. In this situation, you may best to ask the customer service of the particular gel polish. They will tell you a more accurate time.

    Our product's wavelength is 365-405nm, which is covering most of the gel polish. If gel polish is a bit tacky after drying, try to wipe your nails with a gentle cleanser.

    Enjoy beautiful, long-lasting gel color!

  • Hi my polishes starts stripping in two days, what am I doing wrong?

    There will be some different reasons to lead that way. Maybe the nail polish you used has no enough toughness, you could try to use the ones on our website; maybe you just apply too much polish on your nail, the polish inside is not completely dry; maybe your fingernails are just too thin and soft to keep the polish so that you need to paint a coat of solidifying over the real nail…
    Hope this will help you.

  • How long does the Led/UV lamps last until they may need to be replaced?

    Thanks for your question.

    LED light has 30,000 hours lifespan, but there may be some loss when it's used for a long time.
    And you cannot change the bulbs in the lamp.

    Have a good day!