The Perfect Gift Ideas for the Lovely Mother In Your Life


The Perfect Gift Ideas for the Lovely Mother In Your Life

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’re all scrambling to find that gift that’s “just right” for our priceless moms. And let’s face it: ever since she became a mom, she’s set herself aside to do everything for us, making sure we had diapers, new clothes for school, and dinner on the table every night. That being said, we want to make sure we’re finding the perfect present to let her know how thankful and grateful we are for all she’s done over the years.

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                                                Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

But here’s the tough question: what does mom really want?


1.  A Gift Card to Her Favorite Place


After spending most of her spare change on us, moms probably in need of a new wardrobe. And while you could easily go out and purchase some cute outfits for mom and she’d love them, you want to make sure she is getting exactly what she wants. Find out what moms favorite go-to clothing store is and surprise her with a huge chunk of change she can spend on what she’s been eye-balling in the shop window every time you two hit the mall.

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                                       Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash
2.Anything that Sparkles


Every woman on planet earth loves a piece of jewelry that shines and sparkles! This Mother’s Day, spend a little extra on mom and splurge with a fine piece of jewelry she’ll love to flaunt. If she’s an earring gal, make sure you get something that dangles and is easily noticeable even when she’s got her hair down for work. If she’s more of a necklace or bracelet woman, something silver and beautiful always does the trick.

If you really want to do something extra special, have the piece of jewelry personalized with either her name or the birthstones of her children.


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3.  Beautify Your Mom!


Before mom had any kids, she was probably done up from head to toe ninety percent of the time. Her hair was done nicely, her nails were perfect, and she had enough to spend on that pricey behind the counter makeup. But having kids, she let up a bit on her beauty routine to make sure her family had everything she needed-right?


Now, if you’ve got enough money to shed, we recommend sending your mom to the spa for the works. After all, if there’s anyone that needs a deep tissue massage and a mud bath, it’s probably mom. But if that’s a little too pricey, maybe consider setting up a hair appointment for your mom so she can get back that color she used to adore so much, or perhaps just a cute cut that will refresh her youth and make her feel beautiful again.


Another great beauty gift for mom? A nail appointment- without a doubt! There’s nothing like relaxing in a salon, someone working on your nails, and leaving with a set of beauties that she will want to flaunt to all of her friends. However, there is a downside to this gift. Nails done in the salon tend to not last as long as we want, and after a week or two they start looking scratchy and dull. So what’s the solution? Give the gift that keeps giving: the 6W Violetilac LED Nail Lamp in Graffiti style.

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Okay, so you’re probably wondering what the big deal is about this special nail lamp- and we have all the answers. To put it plain and simple, this nail lamp is awesome. The whole ‘graffiti’ look keeps things wild and interesting, a pattern that will give your mom that old school glow and make her feel young again. And instead of other nail lamps that have that loud and incredibly annoying fan, this LED nail lamp keeps things cool and quiet by drying without the use of a fan- which is an awesome gift if your mom is still stuck with little ones that wake up at every little peep!


Here’s the real winner about this lamp: your mom no longer has to spend hours in the nail salon, only to return 2 weeks later with a not-so-great set of fingernails that lack that sparkle and shine. Unlike the salon (and other UV nail lamps), this particular lamp cuts the time of curing in half- which means your mom can get dolled up in a flash! Simply apply the gel nail polish, stick her lovely lady fingers inside the lamp, and viola! She’s good to go in less time than ever, and she’ll never have to step foot in the nail salon again.


4. Vacay!

This doesn’t really need any explanation, does it? Your mom needs a vacation. Plain and simple. If you’ve got the dough (or can find a really awesome deal on one of those handy websites), then we highly suggest surprising your mom with a fun-filled weekend that is completely kid-free (and trust me, that sounds like a dream come true to a mother).


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5. Classic: Flowers, Chocolate, and Dinner


Yeah, we know- this one is totally the first thing that comes to mind every Mother’s Day. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it old school and sticking to the classics!


Gals of any age LOVE flowers and candy, so you truly can’t go wrong with this gift. However, if you want to amp up this classic Mother’s Day gift even further, you’ll have reservations awaiting at her absolute favorite restaurant in town. This shows that you care, but you also pay attention to her favorite things and really want her to enjoy a meal that 1. She doesn’t have to cook and 2. She doesn’t have to pay for. And 3. She’ll get to flaunt her gorgeous set of nails using MelodySusie products like the nail polishes, lamps, and dryers!


MelodySusie is offering a Mother's Day Only Price on our new Pro 48W Nail Lamp. Only $31.99 for our 2 colors. Enter code: MS20NAIL 
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See? There’s no need to panic this Mother’s Day. Show your mom just how much you care by surprising her with some amazing gifts, whether it’s a bouquet of flowers a trip to the mall or a nail lamp that will keep on giving time and time again!


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Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms out there!
Cover Image Source: Photo by Jake Thacker on Unsplash

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